Thursday, February 2, 2017

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre - my moment to shine.....?

Yesterday, Cate's class visited Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and I was lucky enough to be one of the chaperones. It was absolutely fantastic! I've wanted to go for the entire seven (almost) years we've been here but just never found the time.

Well, yesterday was the day. I think I was the most excited of all. I was itching to get on that stage and belt out a soliloquy: MacBeth's initial descent into madness (Is this a dagger I see before me...).  I joked about it with some of the other mums because I didn't think I'd actually get the chance.

Years ago, when I was in highschool and studying Shakespeare, my father and I would run lines together. MacBeth was his favourite Shakespeare play and he knows most of the lines, just as I do. Even now, decades later we have a giggle and quote from the play. Sometimes I'm Lady MacBeth with the bloody hands, sometimes an outraged MacDuff. Dad is Duncan or MacBeth. It's just for fun.

But yesterday was my day to be MacBeth. At Shakespeare's Globe. On stage. Whether they liked it or not!

We got to the theatre, had a fantastic tour behind the scenes, sat in the benches, heard all the history of the three different Globe theatres over the past 400 years. Even the twenty-eight 9/10 year old audience was enthralled.

We were backstage, learning all about the trap doors, how the stage managers make the magic happen and then it happened. They opened the doors and we were able to go out onto the stage. It's really a very impressive sight! It was raining, and as it's an open air theatre, the rain was falling onto the pit where the 'penny-stinkerds' would stand. The seats had a few other visiting schools sitting in them while we all filed out onto the stage.

Drinking it all in, I winked at another mum and decided to step forward to have my moment. Yet, there was Cate, out in front, hands held wide, a big grin on her cheeky face.

"Romeo, Romeo...where for art thou Romeo..." she said loudly to the glee of her class and the audience. Everyone applauded.

And I howled with laughter. My little girl had her own moment. And I couldn't be prouder!! The Shakespeare gaunlet has been passed to the next generation.

Next time... it's my turn! ;-)
Cate's moment!

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