Monday, January 23, 2017

Aaaaaand..... I'm back

After a two year hiatus for a multitude of reasons, I've decided to start up my blog again.

We've been in London for almost seven years, so I'm not a newbie in town anymore. We're settled, my kids are more British than American and we're...happy.

I've read back over the blog and really just don't know how we did it! From the horrific eviction of our first place (not our fault!) to the many illnesses that slowed us down in the beginning, to our children starting school, working under duress, the Barbie murder most foul, saying goodbye to the PTA and so much more.

But we survive and I'm hoping for more adventures in the coming years!!

Stay tuned!!


  1. Welcome back! I always loved reading your adventures with moving, kids, and work.


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