Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year - off with a bang.

Yesterday I woke up to my daughter climbing in bed with me and whispering in a whiney voice (yes, that's possible): "X keeps farting and woke me up." It was 6:20am. I took it as an omen that the day would not pan out to be the great day I had hoped.

The kids went back to school yesterday and I had a plan to get up, get them dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair combed and styled (Cate thinks I'm a professional hairdresser and asks for off the wall designs daily. Madness), and out the door by 8:15 without yelling, without repeating myself a million times, without iPads or TV. We did get out the door by 8:15 without everything but the repeating myself - in a stern voice that meant business instead of shrieking.

I dropped them off, ran a few errands then went for a hike in the Heath with a friend - always fun. My plan was to get home by 11 do 45 minutes of zumba, eat lunch and then get to work by 12:30 get to work. Which I did. I sat down to 125 emails! That was just overnight! Instead of jumping on them I went down my list, created the night before, to  get the priority things done. By 2pm the phone started ringing because it's 9am in NYC which is where my office is located.

I've received a bunch of new submissions which is great - they are all farmed out to my assistant, interns and readers for first looks which is a huge help. But 8 clients have come up with new ideas, novels, proposals and all of them, every single one of them, sent them withint 5 days of each other - right before the holidays. And now one is very annoyed with me. Not good.

So I'm going through everything, editing proposals, critique writing samples, creating pitch letters, submission lists, getting it together when I hear a hissing noise. Loud, high pitched. That can't be good. But I ignore it because I'm busy. Then I hear water overflowing followed by a toilet flush.


For the next two hours I wrestled with the toilet tank. It's mounted high on the wall and has a pull down lever to flush it. I can't see inside it and it just keep filling up, overflowing then automatically flushing. It's the most annoying thing ever. Between calls to the husband, the land lord and running to the upstairs neighbor to see if he's hoe, I'm putting towels and buckets down. The landlord is sending me emails with picture trying to show me how to turn the water off, but the valve is so painted over, I can't even turn it. Meanwhile, the phone is ringing, my work is piling up and the kids with their nanny will be arriving shortly.

Finally Fen arrived home and managed to put the little ball thing back on the stick in the tank so it will stop overflowing and act normal. The landlord arrives and show me the valve - it was at the floor, not the ceiling (not my mistake) but the part needs to be fixed so we now have one bathroom working in the house until tomorrow. Ah - good way to start the year.

I worked until 1am to make up the lost time but I'm still behind. I need one more day to catch my breath, get everything out to everyone and then I will be good to go.

Let's hope it happens. I've implemented a new plan into my work and so far it seems to be work. It's been three days - so time will tell.

Regardless - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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