Friday, August 15, 2014

The Rubbish Wars

That's my new neighbor. Ain't he lovely? Okay, Gerard Butler is NOT my new neighbor, but the guy next door has waged a war against me and a few of the other people in my building. Over rubbish bins!

They kept putting their rubbish bin between our doors. I didn't like it initially but didn't want to start anything so I put up with having their garbage at my front door for a while. Some new people moved in upstairs and started moving the bins over to their side. They kept moving them back. I watched with mild amusement until this week.

The whole where-to-put-the-bin debacle got out of control.  When I left to take the kids to swim club this morning the bin was pushed near our front door. So I straightened it out and went on my way. When we got back three hours later, the bin was directly in front of our door. I had to move it to get it. I put it back between the doors where it's been for weeks.

About 20 minutes later I went outside to put recycling out and the bin was back directly in front of our door. I realized someone was moving it on purpose. I was so annoyed! I put it back between the doors and went inside.

An hour later my seven year old daughter said, "Mommy, some man put the bin across our door." I opened the front door of the building and saw this:

Really? I mean, seriously? He laid it across the front door. I was completely annoyed. I picked it up, put it back and then called Camden Council and had a long 40 minute chat with them. No, I didn't want to press charges, but, yes, I did want my neighbors to stop fighting over the stupid rubbish bins and I certainly wanted them to leave me OUT of their little rubbish war.

An hour later, the bin was being wheeled down the street by Camden (at least I think it was Camden). It's gone. War over.

Mind you this was a fight between 40+ year old men and women. The neighbors wanted to keep their rubbish on our property, we didn't want them to. So they became childish and kinda loopy loco about it.

With everything going on in my life, this was the last thing I wanted to deal with today. But it's done. And, unlike my English, passive agressive neighbors on both sides of the war, if anyone asks what happened, I will be very happy to tell them I had the stupid thing removed.

I've realized people do not grow up. Pettiness, competitiveness, jealousy, ugly - it follows people into adulthood. Ugh. Thank goodness I'm getting too old to care about any of it.

Secretly, I'm glad it over and I won't have to step over rubbish bins anymore!!


  1. Ugh. I dealt with something similar last week. Our bins are in the back alley, but my garage opens up onto the alley and for some reason, almost every day last week, I had to get out of the car to move the bin that was left right outside the garage door. I mean, how on earth did they think I was going to get out? It's not even my bin, someone has just decided they don't have room for it.

  2. How very odd. Dying to hear if 'weird' neighbour confronts you about the confiscated bin. Be safe. Lou.


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