Monday, June 23, 2014

Back in the Saddle

It's been four months! Four months. There's been a lot happening and frankly, after all the drama of the stalker and the mean spirited folks bashing my blog, I decided a break was needed.

But I'm back, and glad to be at it again. I missed my blog! I write it for me. Delighted as I am that folks care enough to even follow or read anything I'm jotting down, it was and is (again) my outlet for stuff.

There will be no surprise here when I say we moved. Again. That's right, we're currently in our fifth home in England (in just over 4 years of living here). If you don't know my tale of woe, take a look at our first move here . We were at our last place for three years and it was just one pain in the butt after another. So we moved. And we're now in our new place: bigger, better, two bathrooms (this is a big deal because of this), larger rooms, private garden, two floors, same neighborhood, same money.

Anyone who has read this blog will know it's rare for me to say this but Hooray! I finally got a break. too bad the landlord is difficult. Ah, well. Not the end of the world. We're in, we're good, we're happy and I have a place to sit in the sun to sip coffee in the mornings in quiet bliss.

While life seems to rush over me while I'm busy doing something (like dishes or laundry) I can actually say we are content for now. There are a multitude of things going wrong around us but at least we're good. And happy!

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  1. So glad you're back, we've missed you. It seems better when the insanity is shared, don't you think? My only sadness is that you and yours can't up sticks and live with us on the mad farm, commune like.... I could do with another few Poo pickers!. So glad you have a garden now. Shall expect up to date pics of London 'flaars' and bugs!


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