Saturday, February 15, 2014

Best Valentine's Day Ever

We've  had a rough couple of months with several things and decided to lay low for Valentine's Day. Which was fine with me, we're not really the 'must-celebrate' type. In the morning we all exchanged cards, which was lovely - all kinds of hand made goodies from the kids are worth more than any store bought card ever.

Fen gave me a bouquet of yellow roses - my absolute favourite. I carried them for our wedding. They are just so cheery and lovely. They also mean friendship, which I think is so important in a marriage. Fen and I have our moments but we are always friends first.

While Fen was at work and the kids at school I made a chocolate pecan pie for dessert. We had hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner, always a big hit. Then we snuggled up on our sofa with pillows, blankets, drinks and snacks to watch Tangled.

It was heavenly. All of us wrapped up together, singing along and giggling. I can't think of a better Valentine's Day I've ever had. Happy and cuddling with the three loves of my life. Bliss.


  1. I was on an airplane on Valentines day. My husband and son picked me up at the airport, my son didn't stop talking the whole way home. His stories, detailing every last bit of my time away, were the best Valentines gift. It's interesting, the last two Valentines days we have been on airplanes or in airports. The year before we were moving from New York to Texas. I love this post, it's nice to see how important just being together, and noticing each other, is on Valentines. And Tangled! It's our family go to as well.


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