Monday, January 13, 2014

No Trousers on the Tube....Why?

It was the thirteenth annual no trousers on the tube/no pants on the subway day. Why is this? The photo above is TAME compared to some of the truly cringe worthy ones that are up and circulating. Here's the thing - it's cold, the subway/tube is dirty and public so why is there a need for a show up in your knickers day at all?

Well, it was started by small improve group in NYC as a joke in 2002. The group, Improv Everywhere, decided they wanted to shake things up and shock NY. As if a couple of guys without pants could do that in NYC!

Their statement: The mission started as a small prank with seven guys and has grown into an international celebration of silliness, with dozens of cities around the world participating each year.

And it is global - there are many cities that participated including New York, London, Brussels, Berlin, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Ah to be young, full of fun with no shame. Here's how I know I'm old: I wouldn't participate in this for several reasons:

1. My arse in knickers should never be on public display. Ever.
2. It's freezing cold out - I wouldn't go sockless, nevermind without trousers!
3. The subway/tube is dirty and yicky. No way I'm putting my bare butt on one of those seats!
4. What's the point? So I can show up on facebook and in blogs with my rear on display?
5. I like trousers and being dressed

The grand conclusion to this post is that I am officially a fuddy duddy. However, I'm contemplating allowing the kids to eat popcorn in our bedroom this weekend as a rules-be-damned day. How's that for living on the edge?

And the day I'm on the tube when there are trouserless folks participating and I get indignant/growly is the day I officially retire and move to a cave near a beach. Let's hope it never comes to that!


  1. Nope, me neither. Even when mine was pert I wouldn't have.

  2. Oh dear Lord. I missed that, quite happily so. Are they wearing no trousers and no undies? If they're supposed to wear undies, don't they confused about pants or no pants?


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