Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An explanation

Hello to all who can now read this blog. I had to stop writing my blog as I had two incidents that made it necessary for me to protect my privacy. My blog and identity were revealed in two different articles and neither website will remove them. Because of this I had two unwelcome visitors making my life difficult.

The first was another parent. We had a falling out and she decided to use my blog against me by posting nasty comments and leading others to it. While the other parents were fine and there is no issue. I felt I could not write anything further regardless of the subject matter because it was questioned each time.

The second problem was that I joined a grief support group - after my sister's death I haven't really been processing things well and thought it might help. Instead, another member decided to attach himself to me. He'd lay in wait for me to leave the group to ambush me and then monopolize my time making it difficult for me to get to the tube and home  or back to my life. He made me incredibly uncomfortable to the point where I left the group and have decided not to go back. I don't need any more grief. However, he found the blog and my identity and began posting messages - all very postive and glowing but it was creepy and I don't want some strange man in my life. I'm a happily married mother of two and I don't find it flattering that some man has a crush on me. I found it threatening, unwelcome and crossing a line.

Thanks for continuing to read!

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  1. Honey Bunch! You're back! I wondered why I couldn't get into your site until recently.... there are weird peeps about (promise I'm not one)

    Come visit. Snog an alpaca! It'll make you feel great.


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