Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Madness That is My LIfe

That is the symbol of my current existence! Laugh if you must, but it's the truth. We may be on the move again because of the bathroom - it's ancient and falling apart. We've had a plumber in five times within 4 weeks. They're going to have to completely redo it. Which means: we can't stay here. We'll have to move AGAIN!

I'm hoping this is not the case. But not having a loo for hours and hours on end with two small children is simply not workable. I'm sick of it.

To make matters worse, my job is hell on Earth right now. I'm having to deal with a person so unhinged and completely oblivious to the industry it's shocking! I won't get into details, but I rarely dislike people, yet this person is simply unlikeable and I'm stuck with her for another month. Ghastly!

And to further make things difficult, I'm suffering from a frozen shoulder! Google it if you're curious, but it's excruciatingly painful and really hinders my ability to carry on as normal. And it last for a year to three years! Yay!

This is why I've been an absentee blogger of late. I simply have no time at all. And when I do have time, I run errands, clean, doing some filing or writing. Sometimes I'm too tired to even watch television!

So, I'm whining today. But....BUT... there is the silver lining (always the silver lining). We'll move or have a new bathroom in a few weeks. In a month I will never have to deal with this awful wretch of a human again, and my shoulder will recover...eventually. (oh, and I got a dreadful, uneven haircut yesterday - that will grow out).

It's never as bad as you think it is. And all of this drama will make for great blog posts and party talk for years to come!



  1. It can only get better from now on!

  2. Gosh golly Miss Molly, it's not like you to be so down. A curse on the nit-twit you are dealing with.


  3. It's been more than a month -- curious how you are??!!


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