Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Wheels

As I mentioned a while ago, we bought a car. Scratch that, I bought a car but cannot drive it. That's right - the insurance for me to drive is more than the car is worth. Madness. I don't have a UK license at the moment so I'm a huge risk, apparently.

Two weeks ago a friend was moving away and I asked about her car. We agreed on a price and I went home to tell Fen I found a car to buy. He's been skeptical all along and says we don't need one, etc. etc. But I wanted one. We don't need one, really. But want and need are two very different animals. Since we moved to England we've been robbed, wronged, and shuffled around. It cost a fortune which we paid up but had to tighten our belts for over a year and a half to get out of the red and into the black.

We're back in the black and I want to get out and do stuff. I was just about to type we haven't traveled but, mercy, we really have: The Bahamas, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, Brighton, Blackpool and half of England in less that 10 months is well traveled. But other than that I have been very frugal. I wanted the car to just have it - the freedom it represents makes me very happy. I do not ask Fen for much, I don't spend anything on myself so we decided if I wanted it so bloody much I could buy it. And I did.

We've had the car for three months. We've only driven it a handful of times but have our eyes set on Spring and Summer to get moving. Already have our first parking ticket - £130 which I am fighting. Ridiculous! Waiting to hear back on that one.

The kicker - I bought it for me to have but the insurance is so expensive I'm only insuring Fen - out of principle alone. So lucky me, I bought a car, it's not in my name, I can't drive it and Fen keeps saying, "I told you so." But I'm on the hunt for car insurance that works for both of us. And I'm signing up for driving lessons so I can be approved in no time!

Parking is a problem as well. It's really packed around here and finding a good spot, that is not under trees (where leaves and bird poop fall) or near corners, or in a spot that you must move by 8am is quite the task. Right now we're parked right in front the of the path to our building - no trees, no warnings, no parking restrictions. We may never move it again!

I'm actually quite please to  have the car after all. It's there when we want it, which isn't often, but the opportunity is there.

The best bit - we're out every weekend exploring. Worth every penny in my eyes.