Sunday, October 28, 2012

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Why is it the more I cut back on things, the less time I seem to have. I stepped down from PR at my women's club, but the person who took my place resigned. I found a replacement who is promising to be terrific, but I'm still doing a bunch of stuff for our upcoming fair. Not that it's terribly time consuming, it's just with the school fair coming up, work and a few other things, I never have time to myself.

I finally stepped down from the PTA - I'm not a class rep. And I'm so happy for it. The new reps are doing their job and they don't need me. Hooray! I'm still co-chair of the PTA and on the Christmas Fair committee but I'm not feeling the stress.

My son is in school for four hours a day yet those four hours are devoured daily with a million things and none of them for anything for myself. What I've  promised to myself is to disappear after half term (which is this week) and finally find some time to do the things I've been wanted to do. Such as: the gym, finish sewing the kids curtains, put a few things on eBay, get rid of the changing table (praise be!), finish potty training X, hang the thousand pieces of art we have and put pictures up in this house!

This week, is half term. I haven't put either child in sports camp, art camp, swim camp - none of it. With all our traveling and my insane work schedule (working from 1- 11 most days or later) I feel like I haven't spent the kind of time with them that I would like. So we're on a week of mommy and kids fun. I have crafts, baking, parties, sleepovers, trips to Warwick Castle, movies and more planned. We kicked it off last night with 'camping' in the lounge. We got out the sleeping bags (I left the tent out of it). We had a picnic for dinner with popcorn and a movie, all snuggled up on the floor with sleeping bags, pillows, pillow pets, Barbies, mermaids, balls, Matchbox cars and assorted other toys. They stayed up until 9:30pm! We had a blast.

Now they are at the park riding the zipline and climbing the 'rock' wall with Daddy as I'm supposed to be working (taking a mental  health break to write this).

Tonight we're having hotdogs and smores (made over candles with serious adult supervision). And we're playing games. I'm excited but already tired!

Hopefully, I'll have time this week to relax a little. With Halloween on Wednesday, we'll have to see. Tomorrow we put up the enormous cat eyes in two of our front windows. The kids love them. They make the room dark but everyone comments on how fun they are. I'll try and post a pic.

For now, I enjoy my quiet time as it's coming to an end in about 1 hour! Perhaps I best get some work done.

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