Monday, September 24, 2012

Virgins No More...

Grrr! Virgin Mobile is driving me to distraction. Since Tuesday they have been a massive thorn in my side. I foolishly decided to change providers and move my existing mobile number over to Virgin. What a mistake.

The new phone was supposed to arrive on Wednesday morning. I tracked it but it kept saying Out For Delivery, at different times all day. Then I see it was returned to the holding station Wednesday night. Thursday morning it was Out for Delivery again. By four o'clock I called. Their explanation: The driver says your address does not exist. 'Ey? I'm pretty sure it does, and they had the correct address. Apparently, I live in a dimension that dumbass delivery men cannot enter. I told them to make the driver get out of the truck and walk up the footpath to the house. Whaddaya know, an hour later he was at my door.

I had to call and get my PAC code from Vodaphone to give to Virgin in order to transfer the number. I did, they did not request it and the number disappeared into cyber space. Vodaphone terminated my contract and cut my phone off! My old number was no more. Yikes! My entire life is tied to that number! The horror. They promised my old number would work by 4-5pm that night. It did not.

Friday night I hosted my women's club Pub Night at a local pub, yet no one was able to reach me and there was some confusion on which pub it was actually at. Cleverly, or so I thought, I'd just check in on Facebook so any members could see where I was. But my brand spanking new Blackberry was no longer allowing me on Facebook, email, Twitter or anywhere else. Terrific! The night was fine, but I certainly didn't need the hassle.

Saturday between birthday parties for my children I called Virgin. Boy did they get it. They couldn't answer a single question for me. One of the two men I spoke to suggested I simply forget about the old number and just go with the new one. Well, he is a virgin no more, as I ripped him a new one. Then another one told me they could get it up and running by Wednesday. I ripped him a new one too. I knew both were trying to appease me and get me off the phone. Foolish men.

Finally, I called again and a lovely rep named Tory, helped me. My phone number was lost in the systerm. Vodaphone didn't have it. Virgin didn't have it and it could be lost to the wind. I'm furious. She did, however, turn my web services back on which got cut off after only 12 hours of use. They have credited me my first month free as way of an apology. But I still won't know if my number is being turned over or not until tonight/tomorrow morning.

If I do not get that number I have a list of 26 places that I must change it: banks, schools, credit cards, clubs, etc. and don't even get me started on having to tell all my friends! What a giant hassle. And the new number sucks - it doesn't have flow at all (I hate that).

Argh! I hate it. The worst part is that I felt terrible on Saturday night for being so wretchedly awful to the Virgin Service Advisors. At heart I am not a mean person and I was a really awful stinker to these poor chaps. Heavy sigh. Sorry, gents, but you got caught in my crossfire. I apologise profusely. However, fix my f*&^ing phone!

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  1. I love your last two sentences. I've done this before, let loose some 'crossfire' when things have gone pear shaped like this, and while I wouldn't advise it, sometimes it does get people's attention. Hope it all resolves well for you :)


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