Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jet lag stinks!

We're tired 'round here. Exhausted. Beat. Dragging. It stinks.

Okay, so it took 32 hours and three flights to get us from Auckland, New Zealand back to London (via Sydney Australia and Singapore). That's a lotta flying. The kids were amazing - bless their sweet little souls. The flights were uneventful, the kids didn't cause any trouble at all (both ways) and I have little to complain about (shocking) but the recovery from the time change and the lack of sleep might be my undoing.

Last night was the worst. I can't have another tonight. Here's the lo down:

7:30pm kids are in bed (hooray)
10pm I go to bed
11:47pm  Fen comes to bed and wakes me, briefly
2:10am Cate wakes up crying for her blanket. I get up. Blanket is on her pillow, directly under her head. Grumbling I go back to bed.
2:21am X starts to softly whine for his pacifier and chocolate milk (didn't eat much dinner).
2:22am I give Fen a friendly kick and murmur, 'It's your turn.'
2:24am Fen gets up and gives X plain milk.
2:30am X turns from whining to crying, volume goes up to 11.
2:31am I am in the kitchen shaking Nestle's Quik into the milk.
2:47am Neighbours upstairs start making horrific racket. Starts, stops, starts, stops.
3:40am I text neighbour and ask them to knock it off.
3:45am Cat fight outside (at least it wasn't the foxes going at it again)
4am Fen starts to snore so loudly the windows are shaking violently in their frames
4:01am Kick Fen with purpose and demand silence
4:03am Fen snoring again
4:15am I am on the sofa in the lounge wrapped in blankets creatively stringing together four letter word combinations shocking to even a longshoreman.
4:30am X awake and whining.
4:31am Fen invites him into bed with him. I stay hidden under stack of blankets in lounge wondering if it's too late or too early to pour a glass of wine.
5:37am Last time I look at clock before actually nodding off again.
6:55am Kids awake and wanting breakfast.

Utterly wretched. I feel as if I was kicked in the head by an angry mule. And have the personality to match today.

Here's praying for a better sleep tonight. Oh, and let's hope I'm awake enough tomorrow so I can be coherent enough to write about our trip and new dislike of Australia!


  1. I've only ever done the six hour jet lag between the US and the UK. Have often wondered what a bigger time lapse would be like as I'm hopeless with the jet lag I do get.

  2. I felt like my first year with a newborn was always like being constantly jetlagged, that woozy feeling from extreme sleep deprivation may be the main reason we won't be going for child #3!!


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