Friday, August 10, 2012

A Little Perspective

Boo hoo. That's been me for the past three weeks. I've been overworked, overwhelmed, sick with salmonella poisoning (as you may know), sleeping little and just pulled in forty directions. I dislike a complainer and I absolutely loathe being a complainer myself. But today - I will bitch and moan, just for a moment.

The kids are out of school, Cate has been in sports camp for a few days a week, X is mine 24/7. Doesn't sound so bad, huh? Well, Fen is working the Olympics so he is gone from the crack of dawn until well after midnight every day and night. This has been going on for nearly three weeks. My nanny is only part time so she couldn't give me extra hours and my back up sitter had the nerve to pack up and go backpacking across Europe before he starts University next month! Yet, I still work full time.

To say it's been a challenge is an understatement. I have been reduced to putting a movie on, giving the kids a special treat snack (ice lollies or crisps - taboo usually) and then dashing down the hall, closing the door, then climbing into the walk in closet, shutting that door and sitting on the window sill with my finger hovering over the mute button to take business calls - at all hours of the night and day (trouble of working in a different time zone).

I'm not getting much sleep as I can't work while the kids are awake and there is no nanny, so I work when they go to bed - from around 8pm-midnight. Just trying to get my ducks in a row before we leave for New Zealand.

Then last week, our washer/dryer blew up. This is a mild exaggeration as it did not burst into actual flame - it's just billowed with smoke for 20 minutes as I stood by, on the phone yelling at the management company with the fire extinguisher at the ready. A week later, last night in fact, after MUCH back and forth and insistence on my part, they delivered a loaner washer/dryer - at TEN O'CLOCK at night. I let them in the kitchen to install it, shut the door and went back to work. When they called me back, I went into the kitchen and it smelled like stagnant water. I mentioned this and they said they had spilled water and that it was fine.

Then they left and I decided to put in a load of kid laundry. I opened the washer door and it was covered in black mould. See photo below.

The ENTIRE flat smelled of mouldy water ALL night. Here it is nearly midday and they have yet to get it out of here. I told them then had until high noon to remove it before I called the health department. It stinks in here. We're flying in 2 days, I have over 2 weeks worth of laundry and I can't leave the house (they are supposed to be showing up to remove it). I'm angry. Nay...livid/pissed/rip-shit/FURIOUS.

Meanwhile, my daughter is allergic to mould and I can't have her anywhere near this place. It's just vile.

So I have two days to clean all the laundry at the laundrette, pack, clean the house, finish getting all my work done (a pipe dream - that last one) and organize carry on luggage consisting of crafts, movies, games, toys, clothes, diapers, snacks, books, blankets, wipes, medication, earplugs (!) and a host of other things. All of this so I can get on a 30 hour flight to Auckland: three flights, two layovers, two small children under 5, an overworked, exhausted husband and zero sleep.

Are ya kidding me?

But then I look at this guy: Oliver Pistorius.
He has no feet and yet he's not complaining. Here he is competing in the Olympics and doing amazingly well. Now, that's inspiring.

I'll just tuck my self-pity tissues away and get on with it. No one likes a whiner!


  1. No, you are allowed a little complain every now and then. My youngest finishes camp today and we have another four weeks till school starts. Despite a looming deadline for me, I have no doubt who will be "minding" him over that period. Sigh...

  2. I've got both of mine full time this summer. They are making me insane. That washer....yuck! So sorry!

  3. Gawd, that's just awful. I'm sitting her with my sproglets and most of our windows ripped out and new ones in situ but not glued in. You can see daylight round the edges.... Have I mentioned there has been rain... indoors. Tt has been 5 days since the window man was last spotted. He doesn't answer his phone. I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU GAL and no hope of a holday till 2020!

    LOVE YOU ALL.... pleeeeese come visit. I'll glue the windows myself.

  4. Actually, I have an ex friend who NEVER complains--the most you might ever hear is 'oh dear' because she wants her life to be so perfect she is anxious about mentioning any negative. It not only makes people feel uncomfortable around her, it means she ignores bad things that need to be sorted. There's a difference between being a complainer and being normal. I'd say you're well and truly normal in the very best sense of the word!! Best of luck getting some respite!! xox


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