Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympics. Salmonella poisoning and Summer

This is an advert on the northern line tube train. It's about how to avoid the crowds during the Olympics. That's about as much as I am informed on the situation. It's amazing to me how subdued the Olympics are here. I know in the US right now there are ads for everything Olympics. I'm sure anyone with a TV knows who the candy/soda/camera/what-have-you official sponsor of the Olympics are, and they probably know who the medal hopefuls are in a dozen sports. I saw that Brian Williams (of NBC news) is on his way here (or already is) and that America is prepared. Haven't a clue about that here.

Britian is reserved, they don't go mad, ape-shit over things and overdo them to the point of exhaustion. Even though the Olympics are here in the very city I'm living in it's barely on my radar. There are Olympic lanes on the roads (and a few black cabbies decided to protest that they may not ride in them - silently, and subdued, natch), the Olympic rings are on Tower Bridge, and a few other things. But other than that - the only thing I've noticed a lot of are the ads (in print on the tubes and on the radio) for avoiding Olympic Village and crowds. That's it!

While I find it refreshing to not be postively drowning in it, I'm disappointed that there isn't just a little more. So we're going down to Camden on Thursday to the torch relay route. We want to watch the actual torch run by. I figure that's exciting for the kids (maybe not, but it's a great photo op) and then while the Olympics are on we'll go take them to the Village and Tower Bridge for more photo ops. I want them to know they lived in London during exciting times. At least I think they are exciting times.

Fen, the old ball and chain, is covering the Olympics and has all but gone underground. He's already up to his eyeballs in work and I am an Olympic widow. Good thing I just recovered from a exhausting bout of salmonella poisoning! Awful! don't know how I got it but certainly glad THAT is over.

Kids are out for the summer - and the summer finally, FINALLY, decided to show up this week. There IS sun in London. Who knew? We're soakingg up as much Vitamin D as we can this week.

I'm excited about the Olympics. I wish I could actually attend but I have the kids, no husband, and limited babysitters. Darn. But Fen will have fun (she said with a huff).

I'm routing for the Bahamas first, America second, New Zealand third, Samoa fourth, Britian fifth and everyone else after that. That covers ALL our passports and countries of residence!! We're an international crew.


  1. I thought the same thing although I was there in June. My little guy got very excited about the count down clock in Trafalgar Square though.

  2. Here's something you can do with your kids that you'll love -- Target is headed to the Olympics with its Go Tube for a FREE event in Bernie Spain Gardens with giveaways (umbrellas, bullseye stuffed animals, tote bags, etc.) PLUS games and Olympians!

    Bernie Spain Gardens
    Friday, July 27 — Sunday, August 12
    Open 11am to 7pm on weekends
    Open 3pm to 7pm on weekdays


    #ItsGoTime -- we hope to see you! Please tell your readers!

  3. That's funny, I'm thinking of having an Olympics Opening Ceremony BBQ on Friday evening to drum up a little bit of excitement on this side of the pond. I thought considering my home country is hosting, I should host too! I think you're right there probably are more ads over here (but then there's more ads period!) and it's all over the magazines etc. I'm definitely excited about it. Let's hope the weather holds!


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