Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Fen and I decided that we want a car. Hooray! I’m so excited about this. We’re waiting until September to buy one but, being me, I have already started to search for the best fit for our family and our needs. We’ve just been renting for the past 2 ½ years since we moved to London but I know that if we bought a car it would make my life considerably easier – which is the true focus of my existence right now.

If we had a car I could do the school run in a quarter of the time. I could run to Sainsbury’s or the giant Tesco whenever I wanted. Or Toys R Us, or Ikea, or Brent Cross or anywhere I wanted. Right now I don’t do a lot of things because I don’t want to carry a push chair up and down over ground or tube steps. I’m sick of having to wait for two or three busses to come before I can get on with my stroller. I’m all about making my life easier right now and car is part of that answer.

What I must have: a small car that’s easy to park but big enough to fit my 6’1” husband, two kids, some luggage and me. It must have five doors – I want a hatchback of some kind. I do not want a red or white car and I don’t want a wagon or an SUV. Not that I’m picky or anything!

I’m also debating whether to buy a used car from an owner or from a dealer. Not sure what to do there – will have to leave that one up to Fen.

The next big step is getting it licensed; need to compare car insurance rates, must apply for parking permits and so on.

This is all part of my ‘take my life back’ campaign 2012. If you see a gal the autumn in a car with all the windows down, head out the window, hair blowing in the window yelling, ‘Freedom!’ – HONK! It will probably be me.


  1. Should be Fahrvergnügen.

  2. I've just sold my huge minivan and need something slightly smaller. Just can't face the whole thing so I'm not going anywhere for the next few weeks!

  3. As you've been here over a year, you'll also have to get a UK driving license (and pass the theory and practical test!)

  4. Get a Ford C-Max or like mine S-Max, deffo 2nd hand, maybe a demonstrator from a dealership.... and then come visit meeeeeee.


    P.S. Surely the spelling is supercalifragilisticexpeeeealidocious?

  5. We have a Nissan Qashqai which we're really pleased with. Lots of room but not too long or big, and high without being a 4x4.

    If you get from a dealership, shop around, perhaps go out of area. We went about 30 miles out of area and saved about £2000 on the deal. It's worth going to dealers towards the end of the month as they are more inclined to do deals to meet their sales figures.

    If you buy privately, make sure you get the service history!

  6. Hello!! I just found your blog- I was googling "american bloggers in london" because my husband just got orders and we should be moving to somewhere called Northwood this December!!! As far as I can tell, it's somewhere near London (I think) so I figured the best way to start was to start blog-stalking a Londoner you're one of the lucky winners!! I can't wait to spend the next few days pouring over your post and to practice saying 'the baby needs a new nappy!' Because yes, I am slightly tacky like that. I'm so excited!!

  7. Great blog! Have been recently trying to find some more American in London blogs, and here you are ; ) A car will be a great addition - it allows you to discover so much more on the weekends and gives you the freedom public transport cant!

  8. Thanks everyone. My husband, Fen, has a UK driver's license. I'm getting mine in September (unless I fail, of course!). I've got my eye on a few cars. Hopefully this will work out. I can already feel the wind (and rain) in my hair as I drive with the windows down.


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