Monday, June 25, 2012

Brit Mums Live!

On Friday I headed over to the Brewery for the Brit Mums Live conference. What a lot of fun! Since I spend much of my time hunched over a desk, alone, on the phone and computer at home, it's nice to get out in the world and meet with writers and like-minded folks - mix, mingle, talk shop. It felt just fabulous. And everyone, and I mean everyone I met was so interesting.

I sat on a panel about getting published - in the traditional form - you may remember- books, hard cover, paperback, pages, typed words, etc. They look like this:
It was a fun panel. Everyone on it was really well informed and I completely agreed 100% with everything they had to say. Here's who was on the panel with me: Kate Morris, a published author who was very candid and insightful on the process, Emily Carlisle - a soon to be published author - who gave excellent tips on how to approach editors and agents as well as how to make yourself attractive to them (work wise - your looks and dress don't matter much here!), Cari Rosen who is also a published author and very charming I might add. Our moderator was the fabulous Toni Hargis from Ex Pat Mum who I've met cyber-ly a few times!

I think we did all right. I was very pleased with the large turnout and was even more delighted to see people furiously taking notes. I think I did all right - I was really tired that day and was completely thrown because we were seated up front facing everyone without a table in front of us! That was a first. I'm a leaner - I like to lean on tables when I talk so for me to wing-it without the support of a table - well, it was fine in the end!

I met quite a few interesting people there including Michelle - The American Resident - we go way back. She's one of my favourites. And I met Julia Boggio who was just delightful and unknown to me (a lot escapes me I'm completely clueless) a very well respected photographer. (Want to work on a book with her!!)

They had loads of great sponsors and the champagne was flowing (served by half naked men with twitter  hashtags written on them - which somehow made the champagne much tastier!). The blog awards were a scream - my two friends who were nominated did not win (grrrr) but I had a good time all around.

Next year - I'm going for the whole thing, not just the Friday night! I wanted to sit in on the workshops and presentations but had no time (as usual). Next year - I make the time.

Hooray for Brit Mums Live. A job beautifully done.


  1. Ha! Love the photo of the books. Yes I do remember; wonder if my grandchildren will.

  2. I'm sorry to have missed it, and meeting you too. Panel discussion sounds fascinating. I would love to have some tips on how to be published. Maybe I'll pick your brains one day!

  3. Was such a pleasure to meet you and you did fabulously too. I'll put the 'table' tip forward to my Brit Mum colleagues for next year and I'll dig out my grandfather's memoirs I mentioned at the restaurant - Another project to tackle now :)

  4. You've winged it very well! Do make more time next year - I am sure you would have enjoyed the other workshops. And the social aspect of it all.

  5. @Michael - I wonder if my grandkids will know what a 'book' is too!

    @Nappy Valley Girl - I'm ready to chat when you are. Fire away!

    @Mari - Loved the concept for your grandad's memoirs. Fascinating stuff. You know where to find me!

    @Metropolitan Mum - I'm definitely going to sit on another panel (if they'll have me) and then I'll be mingling with the crowd, sitting in the workshops, pen in hand!

  6. Looking forward to catching up for that glass of wine soon, with or without the topless waiters. Julia x


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