Sunday, May 6, 2012

Watching Our Garden Grow

Cate and I have decided to try our hand at window gardening.

A few weeks ago there was a voucher in one of the papers for free six pack of gardenias. We walked on over to Homebase with the voucher, picked up a window box, some compost, Miracle Gro (hey, my dad uses it and he has a serious green thumb. So it's good enough for him, it's very good for us) and our gardenias. We put them all together and they now sit in our kitchen window waiting for the weather to turn warm so they can go outside.  There they are above.

Then we were sent a wonderful package. It was a Miracle Gro Gro Your Own Herbs Planter and three different herb seeds. Cate was ecstatic.

Today we took the bag out - that's right it's an all in one bag with compost. It was crazy simple and fun. Here is a quick tutorial for you. My model/assistant is Cate. She was paid in chocolate.

Get your bag of Grow Your Own Herbs Planter:

 Grab your seeds: we have chives, coriander (cilantro) and basil:
 Cut open the bag and get the seeds ready for planting:
 Plant seeds. Water them.
Make signs so you remember what is what:
Stick signs in

Voila! Herb garden!

 Anyone can do it. Face paint optional.

Now we wait to see our garden grow!! Yay!


  1. Your child is beautiful!

  2. Fantastic gardening skills by daughter (amazing photos by mother) you are welcome to be undergardeners here anytime.... (after the builders have 'naffed orf'!)

  3. Loving those wonderful signs, sounds like a very fun activity for the kids!


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