Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tennis Elbow and Other Atrocities

Thanks to my mini-desk, I now have tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome in my right arm/wrist. Yay, she said sarcastically.

I know I've been working a lot, but this just drove the final nail in. I need a new desk (you didn't think I'd say I'd slow down did you?)

The desk I bought is small, shallow and compact. Fit perfectly into the room and I tucked myself and got down to business. Problem is, it's shallow so my right arm doesn't lay on the desk itself, it hovers in the air. One year of swirling a mouse around and furiously typing without laying my arms on the desk has done me in. The constant repetition has me tangled in pain.

It stinks. I knew I needed to have it looked at when a pain so sharp shot up my arm while helping my daughter into her ballet tights and I screamed, 'Ow sh*t' (don't' be alarmed, I've done much worse. Mother of the year is well out of my grasp).

I went to the doc, they loaded me with medication, an elbow thing, a wrist guard and sent me on my way. I start physiotherapy in two weeks. Yay again - because I don't have the time for it.

The only solution is a new desk. One that I can rest my arms on. What do you think of this one?

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  1. but only cuz I'm going to take Mother of the Year this time round! Yes, I swear it's in my grasp, oh fucking hell you two put down Mommy's iPad. Wait. oops.


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