Monday, April 30, 2012

When the weather gets rough, the bored get baking

Yesterday it rained. The day before it rained. It seems like it's been raining in London for decades We had some folks over in the morning for a playdate but after X went down for his nap, Cate wanted to do 'sumfing fun'.

We pulled out paints and she didn't want to do that. Then she announced, 'It's Emma's birthday!'

Emma is one of her dolls.

WELL! We certainly couldn't let that go un-celebrated! Cate and I baked cupcakes. While they cooled we set the kiddie table up in the lounge for a birthday tea.

Once X woke up we all sat down to decorate the cakes:
Then we sung happy birthday to Emma:
Cate blew out the candles and served up grub.

And that killed two  hours! But we all had a lovely time, despite the rotten weather!


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