Monday, April 23, 2012


Fen and I are at war. Sorta. It's a typical battle over the thermostat. He turns it off, I turn it on. That's right, he turns it off! Whenever he leaves, he turns the heat off, I start to get cold and then turn it back on. When he's here, he'll turn it off at random times, I'll start to get cold and turn it back on.

At night he turns it off and by 3am we're all a bunch of icepops. I just went out and bought feather down duvets and covers for the kids because I was afraid they were freezing at night. Lo - they are now sleeping through the night due to the fact they are not waking up shivering. Which means, I too can sleep through the night (unless there is an unfortunately wee accident, someone loses his blankie or pacifier - then I must get up to cease the crying).

Yesterday, it was a case of off/on/off/on. The boiler was just serviced but I still worry it's going to break. He thinks we don't need it on all the time. I disagree. It's driving me crazy. When we went away for a few days two weeks ago, he turned it off. It was freezing in here for hours until it could warm up enough to take off jumpers/sweaters and relax. My hands were just red and sore from being cold.

I'm tired of it and yet a conversation will quickly escalate into a battle. I want to get a lockbox around the thermostat but that would probably cause a nuclear assault. Just because he overheats doesn't mean that I should remain cold, bundled up with a red nose and aching ears.

Unfortunately, the kids don't mind the cold (the little traitors) so Fen factors that into his argument. I've tried splitting the difference and just turning it down - nope. He still turns it completely off. Then I turn it on - all the way to 11.

Summer cannot come soon enough so this can be put to rest for a few months. I seriously am at my wits end over it. I didn't work my tail off, get married,  have a family, move to London just to be cold. It has to stop.

Any suggestions?


  1. You poor thing! That is really tough! We are expats living outside london and everyone who comes into our house says oh it is so warm in here and I say yes we keep it that way.....Cold is miserable. Can you broker a deal where he doesn't turn it off just down a bit? Living in the cold would be stressful. Is he British? I know the heating is pricey but comfort is worth it. I hope it is warm soon so you don't have to deal with this!

  2. Cold is definitely miserable. I think you're within your rights at least to insist on a compromise. How can he possibly refuse that?

  3. Having just come back from England, where everybody's houses seemed freezing compared to what we've got used to in the US, I can totally relate! My husband never used to feel the cold but this time around he was feeling ill and was complaining just as much as I was.....

  4. Hit him where it hurts - I would suggest really unattractive, matronly flannel pyjamas - nothing will make a man turn up the thermostat more than his wife wearing old lady nightwear.

  5. Thanks for the support! We've split the difference: we've turned it down. Hooray.

    @Sarah: he's from New Zealand, and he's a pretty big guy so he never gets cold.

    @AliBlahBlah: I have flannel jammies and I wear them with pride! And it still didn't work! But thanks for the suggestion. ;-)


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