Monday, April 2, 2012

Big Boy Trouble

It's a good thing X is so cute -  otherwise I would have definitely sold him on eBay this weekend. it all started on Saturday night. I was stressed out because we received a letter from the management company of our flat that I misread and thought we had to move (we don't) and there was a registered letter we needed to pick up at the Post Office (it was nothing big at all after all). The very thought of moving was so horrific I could barely function. All for naught, in the end.

So I was already fragile when dinnertime rolled around. Fen was working so it was just me the two little ones. They had ice lollies and were allowed to watch television while I cleaned up. As I was clearing dishes, stacking the dishwasher, etc. X came in and left quickly. I noticed his pop-sickle stick on the table and assumed that was what he came in for.

Two minutes later Cate came in covered in a white powder. 'Mum, Xavier is putting cheese on the rug,' she announced.

he came in, dropped off the stick and grabbed the Parmesan cheese off the kitchen table. Then we went into the lounge and proceeded to sprinkle it all over the kiddie art table and rug. Horrified, I grabbed the cheese, reprimanded him and told him to go to his room. I got out the vacuum and started hoovering everything in sight. Once that was clean I took the hoover back to the kitchen to store when X ran by in a blur.

I knew it was trouble. By the time I put the vacuum down and went back to the lounge, the sofa, the kids little Elmo sofa,  most of X, and a good part of the large rug were covered in talcum powder. Again, I reprimanded him but made him take a time out in the corner. I cleaned the whole room and was about to put the hoover away again when Cate came in.

'Aren't you going to clean our bedroom?' she innocently asked. Yikes! Sure enough: powder was everywhere in the bedroom. Took me 20 more minutes to clean that! I put X in his crib (aka JAIL) while I cleaned this time. He screamed bloody murder the entire time. Tough.

They skipped the bath because I spent too much time cleaning up. I put them to bed and then went back to deal with the dishes.

The next day Fen put the kids new bunk beds together. it took hours to complete, especially since we had to stop and put X down for a nap during the middle of the day.

Oh, it was so exciting for both kids. They couldn't get over their new beds. Big Boy bed for X and a cool top bunk for Cate. they couldn't get enough of it.

Fen went out for a drink with a friend I stayed home to field the wild man. Bedtime is 7:30 but he was up and running out of his new big boy bed of freedom until 9. I channeled my inner Supernanny and just kept at it. Eventually they both fell asleep. thank heavens, I just wanted to relax for the night but they were up and down all excited about the new beds and he was SO excited about being able to run free.

We still haven't broken his crib down yet. It's there to serve as a warning to him in case he doesn't go to sleep. Jail awaits bad little boys. He's so cute though, it's hard to stay angry with him for being a typical kid.

Meanwhile, he's going into the big boy bed and coveting his freedom while I'm crying inside at watching my baby become a boy. My little girl - well, she's practically a lady. I don't have any babies left. So sad and so great at the same time.


  1. My daughter kept my eldest grandson in "jail" for as long as possible as he and youngest grandson share a room and she knew what it would be like. Eventually she put eldest in big boy bed and after a few nights of running wild he settled. She is dreading releasing youngest one from "jail" but it's inevitable isn't it? Shame you can't keep them in cots till they're 16!

  2. Oh boy! It's amazing how fast they can make messes, isn't it?

  3. So sad when you realise the babies are gone...


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