Saturday, March 24, 2012

A New Do

This week I finally went and got my hair not only cut but dyed back to it's 'natural' colour! I just haven't had time to go and get a proper haircut with a nice colour since I got here. I went when I was in New York a year and a half ago but since then I just get a quick cut and run out the door.

I was actually looking forward to getting the grey out and feeling just a little more pulled together. I've been feeling rather dowdy, frumpy and low about myself and needed a shot in the arm. A good friend of mine gave me a voucher for 50% off at a nice salon around the corner so I took this as a sign that it was time.

So I went in and met with the colourist - who was young enough to be my grandchild, she had rich auburn hair, a colour not found in the natural world, but it look great on her. And she was darling. Gave me exactly what I asked for and it turned out wonderfully. I was really pleased.

Then the stylist was turned loose on me. He was a hoot. 25, living at home with his dad, saving his money and now ready to do something  young, impulsive(ish) and just for him. He spent the entire 1 1/2 hours it took to cut my hair (seriously! Longest cut and style of my life) trying to get me to agree that leasing a BMW was a good idea. He came at me with all his arguments and I batted them right back to him. Finally I said, 'You're going to lease it - you're looking for permission. You don't need permission from anyone.' He smiled and agreed but then said, 'My mum passed away a few years ago and she was very sensible. You seem really practical too. You remind me of her.' 

Well, I told him to go lease the car then. He's young, he's allowed to buy things he can't really afford and regret it a little. Heaven knows I was chock full of dumb decisions when I was in my twenties and even into my thirties (even now in my forties!) However, I told him I was going to send him Suze Orman's thoughts on car leasing. They are harsh! Read it here.

I left loving my hair, feeling so much better about myself. I was absolutely amused by the stylist as well.

However, the next day I dropped off that article to the salon. He thanked me profusely and promised he'd read it. Today as Cate and I were walking by the salon he came running out and hailed me down.

'I like the Suze Orman,' he chuckled with his goofy grin. 'She's really rough. Very American. I like her though.'

'You leasing the car?' I asked.

'Monday!' he replied with an even wider grin. 'As you said, I'm young and should make mistakes. At least I'll look good doing it!'

Good for him!


  1. Lovely to hear you've had a bit of pampering and time out, and spent it in nice company! Can we see a pic of your hair? I really need to get mine done, you may have just inspired me to get an appointment!

  2. Nothing better than having your hair done to lift your spirits! Good advice for the stylist. How can we ever learn from our mistakes if we aren't brave enough to make mistakes?


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