Friday, March 16, 2012

Brain storm or Hare-brained Idea? You Be the Judge

As I was researching places for us to go over the Easter holidays I had an idea. I had just hung up with Fen - we had narrowed down our choices for Brussels and Bruges  or Amerstdam and were looking for final prices. Both sound great, but I realized a few things:

  • We still haven't been to a bunch of really local-ish places - day trip locations
  • Those kids curtains are not going to sew themselves
  • The kids room is not going to redecorate itself
  • Neither will the wretched bathroom I dislike so much

I sat. I thought. I called Fen back. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Why don't we stay here and go to Windsor finally? And maybe an overnight trip to Brighton or the Isle of Wight? Perhaps Cantebury?

Fen: What happened to Amsterdam and Brussels?

Me: I want to paint the kids room and the bathroom. Let's finally get it done. I won't be happy until it's done.

Big, long, pregnant pause.

Fen: We'll see.

Oh, we'll see all right. I did all my research for the  day trips, priced out the materials for both rooms, including new bedding for the kids, and new rugs/blinds for each room. I also did a detailed itemized cost for week's stay in Amsterdam. I've shared it with Fen and we are now happily in agreement.

Guess what we're doing for Easter? That's right folks, roll up your sleeves 'Cross the Pond is getting busy redecorating. Finally. Anyone know where I can get some great, whimsical light fixtures for the kids room?


  1. Funny coincidence. Last summer we spent four days in Paris as part of our annual trip to the UK (if you see what I mean). This year I was looking at doing either Amsterdam, Madrid or Athens, and then I suddenly thought - What about Edinburgh, Bristol or Oxford, so I am now researching those. (Not much different in cost for me, if I'm honest because it's the height of summer.)

  2. You will have just as much fun somewhere like Brighton if you haven't been. (Wouldn't bother with Windsor though - there's the castle, but not much else...). Have fun.

  3. I have to disagree with nappy valley girl I'm afraid. Windsor is lovely. It's in the area where I come from and there's so much to see and do apart from the castle. The river is beautiful and Windsor Great Park is great for picnics. There are other towns close by such as Marlow and Cookham, both on the river and very pretty. And of course theres Legoland in Windsor which the kids would love x


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