Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two year anniversary

It was two years ago this past Monday that we arrived in London to stay indefinitely. Wow, did that go quickly. The photo above was taken in May 2010 in our old kitchen, in our first apartment after corporate housing - the house we were basically evicted from. You can read that rotten tale here.

When I think back and read this blog from two years ago I'm astounded at how far we've really come. I cannot believe I agreed to move to London after JUST having a baby. X was only 11 weeks old when we boarded the plane. What was I thinking? And then we moved into that flat, which I was so unhappy with from day one. It was so full of troubles. It was truly a blessing in disguise that we moved.

Our next place was bigger but it was like living in a dorm. We knew everyone in the building. Remember Frenchie? Boy, he was a pain. There were wars between neighbours, friendships formed and people in my window - day in and day out! It was fun for a time, but we're much happier here.

We moved here in late June last year. And it feels like home. It's been eight months and I'm still not unpacked. But we've signed on for at least two years here so I don't feel the pressure to set up house. That's the trouble with knowing you're not going to stay forever -and not owning. I'm making do.

This kids are quite happy here and so are we. After two tumultuous years, it's nice to finally feel settled. I have a good group of friends, the kids are quite content and happy, my job is going gang busters (just got promoted to SVP), and Fen is happy with his job. We're in a good place.

I look back at the photos of  us and cannot believe how much the children have grown. X is almost the age Cate was when we moved! Here we are when we first got here:
And here we are now.
Funny, I still haven't lost the baby weight. Curious that! Well, I've broken down and I'm putting X in nursery two mornings a week. I'm sick over it, but it's better for both of us. I can go to the gym (or wander the streets aimlessly for a few hours). He is ready to get out and socialize.

Things are good. Hopefully, we're over the worst of it! here's to two more years of good fortune and happiness!


  1. Well done and good luck at the same time. When I look back at how I traveled long haul by myself with two, then three small children I also think "How the heck...?"

  2. Congratulations for making it through! I know how hard it is to move abroad with small children, and especially a baby! (When I think that my mum moved to Hong Kong when my sister was 7 weeks old, and that was a 22 hour plane ride and before the internet....I can't quite believe it). I'm glad you're enjoying life in London and well done on the promotion. Maybe I'll be back in London before you are back in NY and we can share a coffee!

  3. Thanks ladies!Nappy Valley Girl - I'll be in NY for a harried three days next week. No time to breathe, but the next time I'm there - I'll give you a shout.

  4. You all have done well and look very happy xx

  5. I was that age when my parents got on a plane and emigrated :O)

    It's amazing how much can change when we aren't looking :O) I haven't lost all of my baby weight either - oh well, son doesn't mind ;o)

  6. It seems lots of mums find it difficult to lose the baby weight after the second child. I don't know why that should be.

    You all look so happy and settled now..lovely photos x

  7. wandering the streets for 2 hours: minimum 6 miles: minimum 600 calories. Still computes.


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