Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Over in a Blink

I want to be here - now.
My trip to New York was over far too quickly. I was so worried about leaving the kids which, of course, was fine - they lived, they had fun, they missed me, no problem. Sometimes I'm my biggest problem!

I was so looking forward to the flights more than anything else. I just was so excited to have 15 hours all by myself to do whatever I wanted. I packed loads of work to carry on the plane figuring I might as well make the most of the solitary time. Well, as luck would have it, both flights were almost empty. I had a whole row to myself and boy did I take advantage of it. I stretch across all three seats, chucked my work under the seat in front of me and watched movies the entire way - BOTH ways. I never get to watch movies uninterrupted, hell, I never get to do anything uninterrupted. It was bliss, sheer and utter bliss. I want to do this every month now!

Once I landed in Newark, I dashed right to my office to hold a meeting. Then I toiled away until after 6, rushed off to have dinner/drinks with good friends at their recently renovated gorgeous apartment. I went over to my friend Maura's after that to tuck myself in by 9pm I was dead tired. But at 4am I was wide awake. I did my yoga routine twice, logged on, worked for a few hours, showered, dressed, etc. and by 6am I was twiddling my thumbs. Maura, who is training for an iron man (!!) was up, we had coffee and she was off to Central park to run for an hour before teaching a spin class. Honestly, I don't know how she does it! Just listening to her I wanted to nap!

I had two busy days in a row - meetings, conference calls with clients and publishing houses, lunches with editors, in office meetings, phone calls, my accountant for taxes, my attorney for business stuff, the dreaded DMV to renew my license, shopping very briefly for gifts and shoes for the kids, the all important Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for Fen, and my must-have magazines.

On my last night in NY I went down to the old 'hood in Brooklyn and met up with four of my favourite people Vic and Jane the old neighbours who lived below Tracy. They showed me her old flat which has been completely redone and looks amazing. Tracy would have loved it. And then I went next door to my old landlords - spied through the windows at our old place. We had a lovely visit and then I collapsed in bed. Was off at 6am the next morning  to the airport and back to London.

The one thing I realized I miss the most is the buzz of the city. As soon as I got off the plane I was in NY mode. I started walking faster, talking faster and felt like I had drank fifteen coffees. Being in the office, which is beautiful and so inviting, I was just zinging with energy. I loved being with all my colleagues and right in the thick of it. One of the agents was in the middle of closing a deal and it was nice to be there watching it unfold (and it was a great deal!). We all had drinks at a surf bar in the building and it was nice to just be around people I like and admire and who understand what I do for a living and can talk the talk. I just found it all so invigorating and reassuring. I miss being a part of a team. Working from home can be so solitary that sometimes I forget what I'm actually doing and feel like I'm just fighting for time alone at the computer so I can work. I have to say, I want it back. Soon.

One of the highlights of the trip: I was joking around with the flight attendants (as I'm wont to do), the head attendant went into first/business class, brought out wine and truffles for me. He said I had made his day! Well, he certainly made mine too! What a nice guy.

Bottom line: I'm enjoying London - have made great friends and really loving it. But my heart belongs to New York and the USA.


  1. I can't remember the last time I was on an empty flight (especially international!). I'm jealous!

  2. Three seats all to yourself! Good grief, I can barely remember a time when that happened. I'm surprised that you don't feel a similar vibe in London, but if you're working on your own at home alone it's different. Personally I love it, but that's because I have three noisy kids and a needy dog so the peace and quiet is fabulous. Plus, I'm old enough that I've done the big city thing (London and Chicago) and now it's time for a rest

  3. WOW! I need to get on that empty flight! I have to book a flight overseas and am wondering the best time of day to go.

  4. Well, I flew Continental/United from LHR to Newark during the day both times. Morning flights. Even the crew was surprised at how empty the planes were. I have to say both planes were lovely, the individual screens at each seat is a must and the food was decent. Good movies showing too.

    @Expat mum - I do love London, but I'm up in Hampstead which is really kind of suburban. When I get into the 'city' of London I feel the same buzz. Love that!

  5. I think one thing I have completely missed out on is experiencing Ney York. I love London, I really LOVE it but I hear so many amazing things about NYC that I know I need to get there.

    Glad you had such a great time!

  6. Do you know what? I miss the buzz too. I hear you loud and clear. Glad you had a good trip! x

  7. Gosh I've had a thrill just reading that. I NEVER get time alone and I so miss office life and all the banter and business.


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