Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Grand Inquisitor

Cate is becoming more and more fun to be around. She's curious, smart, fearless and is developing a wicked sense of humour. It's so nice to see her developing into a little girl - and not just any little girl - a delightful one. Granted there are the outbursts, meltdowns and sibling squabbles but over all - she's just wonderful.

The other day we were walking up to school. She was in one of her 'Why?' moods. It's a 25 minute walk up hill (just one way!) and she trooped along quite happily asking 101 questions. Here's a snippet of our walk:

Cate: Why is the snow melting?
Me: The weather is warming up which makes it too hot for the snow to stay frozen so it melts.
Cate: Why does it have to melt?
Me: Snow has to melt to make way for Spring and the flowers.
Cate: But why now? Why not next month?
Me: Who are we to question God's design?
Cate: Huh?

And later:

Cate: Why can't I jump in the puddles?
Me: Because we're going to school and you don't want to get all dirty before you get there.
Cate: Why not?
Me: Because you'll be cold and dirty which is very uncomfortable. Do you want to be cold and wet at school all day.
Cate Yes.

This went on for the entire trip. She questioned why we didn't walk on the dirt road (real answer: too much mud and too many construction trucks), wanted to know why we couldn't walk through the church yard (real answer: because I don't want you tramping on the snow covered graveyards), she questioned me on why she can't have a sleepover at Miranda's house (real answer: because I don't feel like getting up at 4am to go and get her when she gets scared and because she still has the odd accident at night) and on and on and on.

When we got to school I was running out of 4-year-old appropriate answers to her many questions. But when we got to her classroom she kissed me goodbye and said, 'Thanks, Mommy. That was fun!'

And it really was. Just please don't ask me why!

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