Monday, February 20, 2012

Enough already!

Okay Whitney Houston fans - look away.

I'm so tired of hearing about her death. Didn't watch the funeral, haven't watched any of the tributes, nothing. I just don't care. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that the flags were at half-staff in New Jersey for her funeral. She was a singer - albeit a great one - but that's IT. She hasn't had a hit in decades, she was a serious drug addict and a mess. For that I am sorry but I am NOT sympathetic to her demise at all.

Here was someone who had it all: beautiful, great family, one-of-a-kind voice and more money than sense. She threw her life away for drugs with no concern for her daughter, mother or family. That's selfish. Now, I know you're probably thinking that she had an affliction - yes, she did. But I have seen friends with worse cases than hers - a childhood friend who lived on and off the streets - a heavily addicted coke/crackhead come back to life - beating his habit after twenty years. And I've seen other addicts who seeked help and are now drug free. Alcoholics do it daily. She had the money to try to overcome her addiction but she didn't do it. Maybe she didn't have the strength, who knows? Whatever the case, I'm sorry she died, it's tragic, but it's her own fault, really.

Harsh? You bet. When you sit by and watch your own sister fight mightily to hang onto life as a terminal disease literally eats her alive - sympathy for someone who had no regard for their own life is hard to come by. My sister would have done anything to live a few more years and fought right up to the day she died to live. It crushes my soul to see others piss their lives away - like Amy Winehouse (who died the same week Tracy did) and Whitney Houston.

Then there was my friend Brenda who unexpectedly died leaving two small daughters and a devoted husband behind. It's not fair.

When I read facebook posts of friends who were waxing on about watching the funeral and getting choked up I delete them, and when I read about the 'moving' tributes at the Grammy's etc., and how Kevin Costner spoke at her funeral I roll my eyes. They starred in one movie together 20 years ago! Its' amazing how people are martyred in death and not held responsible for their demises. She was just a singer, people! Get over it. She's no hero - she's a cautionary tale.


  1. Thank you. About time someone had the ball to say it, and you said it well.

  2. Yeah I think it was acceptable for the first it's just become silly. I can't for the life of me figure out why Kevin Costner was there.

  3. I actually agree with you too although I do feel sorry for anyones death however it happens its all such a waste when there are so many other struggling with their lives. I delete peeps from my fb when they behave like "drama queens" ... most of them dont know what real "drama" is. xx

  4. Hear, hear and Amen!

    Beautifully expressed and right on the money. Heaven knows, we need to honor our heroes, but not that kind.

  5. Whole-heartedly agree!

  6. I agree with every word. Couldn't have put it better myself. I almost did a similar blog post myself but after being shouted down on FB and other places when I expressed my views over the death of Amy Winehouse, I decided to just keep my opinions to myself. Well done you for speaking out.

  7. you took the words out of my mouth!


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