Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wake up already!

I don't know what my problem is but I can't seem to wake up today. It happens from time to time - I feel lackadaisical, lazy, like a slacker. Maybe it's my diet, maybe I'm just getting old, perhaps it's because I do too much. Whatever the case, I'm tired of being tired.

A few weeks ago I had a MRI to check on my inner ears, nose, throat, etc. It's been inflamed forever. That has caused me dizziness and difficulty breathing. Lovely - this has definitely contributed to my dragging.

It's not every day - it's at least once a week - I just DON'T feel like doing anything but lounging. I'm incapable of doing nothing but sitting around reading, sewing, knitting, writing, Internet cruising, blog reading and making lists (my personal favourite) sounds lovely.

I know I'm tired today because I've been on the go with at least two big things a day since we landed back on January 1st. We took the kids to see Arthur Christmas this morning and now there is nothing on the docket for the rest of the day. And I feel tired. So I wonder if I just don't notice my malaise until I have nothing 'big' to do? Hmmm....warrants a think, methinks.

So I sit here doing work, I'm making a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes, homemade Yorkshire puddings, gravy (from scratch), and steamed broccoli for dinner and then I'm sewing the kids curtains (it's only be on my list for six months). That's funny, suddenly I'm not so tired. Dare I go for a run?


  1. I tried to make Yorkshire puddings for our roast today but no eggs OR milk! Nice.

  2. Have you had blood work done? It might be your white ones.

  3. Just about to take our roast chicken out of the oven and hubby is mashing as I type!
    Maybe a bit more iron in the diet? And I see nothing wrong with lounging once in a while ;)

  4. It's the's so cold and gloomy and snowy...ugh it takes all my effort to just get out to my commitments let alone the things I want to do!

  5. As a physician, would recommend that you check your thyroid levels (tsh, free t4), CBC, and 25-OH vitamin D levels. Fatigue is common, but ruling out these things that are easily corrected is a good place to start. Happy new year!

  6. Thanks for the concern folks - I'm fine, really. No worries with iron or thyroid. I just find that when I have down time, I feel lazy. Sometimes I'd rather just take a nap than do anything at all.

  7. I'm like that every day. My friend says she's found out that she has a thyroid problem and feel much perkier. I suspect I'm just a lounger after all...


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