Friday, January 6, 2012

Thar she blows!

The wind was out of control for two days. I thought London might blow right off the map! At times the winds were 100mph - that's almost hurricane force. The rain and hail didn't help the situation. I've been sitting at home in a daze, tan fading, mumbling, 'Wha happened?' to myself as I can't believe just six days ago I was on a beach, swimming with dolphins. Ah well, time to get on with it.

With the weather being so horrific, my internet and phone decided to go on strike. Quite annoying as I was quite ready to tuck into my favourite blogs and write a few posts myself. Highly disappointing. It's all fixed and fine now, but that didn't help the situation on Wednesday when I was all geared up for an hour of alone time and a cup of tea!

My second disappointment came when I went out in search of pecans and dark corn syrup today. Oh, no! Both are very American. When I asked at a few different stores I received blank stares and one look of horror from a clearly new employee (I think she may have been living out one of her nightmares from the sheer terror in her eyes and the stammering). I let her off the hook. We're invited to dinner tonight and I wanted to make a chocolate pecan pie. Can't find the ingredients, so it's out of the question. Dang. I'm now uninspired to bake something so I'll pick something up at Maison Blanc or something - let Raymond do the baking for me.

Cate is back at school and I'm currently researching nurseries for X. In five months I'm going to start putting him in somewhere twice a week for a few hours. He needs to have a little X time to start becoming more independent and developing his own little social skills. He's quite independent already, always has been. He's fine playing on his own and whenever we go somewhere new he jumps right into the thick of things whether other kids are there or not. He's a nice little fella and gets along with just about anyone. The words are starting to really flow now. He has two and three word sentences too. His favourite sentence: No, mine!  Yikes.

I'll admit I miss Cate and I can barely fathom the thought of my little man heading off into the world without me. I'm sure I'll be wandering the streets of Hampstead, pram-less, tears streaming down my cheeks, muttering nonsense about no pecans or some such thing. If you see me please make sure I don't meander out into traffic!

While on vacation I had big, big plans for my return and a list as long as my arm of things I wanted to do, fix, change, accomplish, etc. Today is the day I write that list down and start scratching things off it. A few of the to-do items:

Put away the Christmas decorations
Paint bathroom
Sew kids curtains
Organize closet
Ged rid of unworn clothes
Pitch a few more articles
Find a few new clients
Organize desk once and for all
Sort out kitchen
Unpack the last two boxes
Sell kids bedroom furniture
Buy bunkbeds
Buy tickets to New Zealand for spring
Bake pecan pie

Mercy, it goes on and on forever. Can't possibly write it all here. Perhaps I should go take the decorations down so I can at least scratch that off! Right... I'm off.


  1. Well if the gale force winds have subsided there, they've arrived here today with a vengeance! And the leaks we thought we had fixed are not fixed and rain is pouring in everywhere.
    I'm constantly writing lists but don't seem able to work through them. Good luck with yours!

  2. I've got a list that long too but instead I'm reading blogs. No wonder I'm so disorganised! We have pecans in our little supermarket down here in the West Country, shall I send you some? ;-)

  3. Wow - I think you should break that list down into bite-size pieces before you go insane!

  4. I've put the decorations away. One scratched off! @Ayak Oh no! sorry to hear about the leaks! @Wylye Girl: thanks for the offer. I've actually found some pecans now! @Expat mum: insane? I think that ship has already sailed! ;-)

  5. I'm so unfocused I've realise... took in that last missive though - must buy tickets to New Zealand for spring!

  6. "'Cross The Pond" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  7. I'm afraid my experience of missing my R is that it doesn't ever change. R is now 6 and has been in full time school for 2 years and yet still I miss her when she's there and I long for those days when we spent so much time together. I'm going to be awful for empty nest syndrome :)

    Whilst I'm here:
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