Thursday, January 26, 2012

My New Stalker

See that fella? He's stalking me. That's right. Stalking.

Last week I had a lovely birthday out with Fen and then on Sunday night we settled in to watch the BBC production of Birdsong (from the novel by Sebasitan Faulkes). I loved it, I thought the star, this young, sorta-handsome, somewhat-goofy star was phenomenal. I remarked to Fen that the kid had a bright future.

The next evening I was out on the town with my Fancy Friend who had fancy tickets to the excellent production of Shakespeare's Richard II at the Donmar Warehouse. Read a review here -  it's amazing and this review reflects my personal feelings on the play.

Armed with a few glasses of wine and too many canapes to admit to, we took to our seats. There was King Richard II sitting on his throne on stage as the  audience milled in. I looked at him and thought he looked awfully familiar. You betcha - was the kid from Birdsong! His name is Eddie Redmayne, by the way. Loved his performance and Fancy and I had a jolly good time although we couldn't get over the spitting (which is rife in live performances - I suppose it can't be helped and I can never get used to it!) So we giggled like schoolgirls admist the fine acting.

And then last night as I was about to go out to dinner (again for my birthday) with a bunch of my girlfriends, Fen asked if I wanted to go and see My Week With Marilyn. Guess who's the star of that? And then, in the taxi to dinner we passed Burberry in SoHo - guess who's face is staring down at me from the windows? You guessed it - my stalker. A personal note to Mr. Redmayne: I'm happily married, flattered, but no thank you! ;-)

So, my birthday week was peppered with a stalker. Not too bad for an old broad! (and note to Lou, I forgot the chutney for Fancy. A thousand apologies!)


  1. Holy heck and isn't he the guys who's in the new Marilyn movie - he's also in Elle mag or Vogue as well so watch out!!!

  2. He is good looking in a strange kind of way. And isn't Birdsong just fantastic?


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