Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Day to Forget.

Yesterday will forever remain  in my memory as one of the worst days of my life. Xavier was having a wonderful weekend - two parties in two days. How exciting for him. The first one, on Friday, he was the only boy at a girl's birthday party held at Mystical Fairies a wonderland of glittering pink and home to Hampsteads Fairies. He loved it. No one danced more than the X-man!

Saturday he was a tag along at a party his sister was invited to. Once of her classmates was turning five. Big to-do. X was so happy to included and tried to hang with the big kids. I was chatting with the other mums and dads having a nice time. They served food and X dug right in. They had Cumberland sausages that were sliced thin on a angle so they were long but flat. There were no knives on the table so I didn't cut them in half. I picked small ones figuring that would be fine. But five minutes in, Xavier slumped over and I pulled him upright. He was beat red, grabbing at his throat - he was choking.

It all happened so quickly, I recalled to hold him upside down at an angle and bang between the shoulders from our CPR class years ago. It wasn't working. I reached in his mouth and felt a sausage in his throat, I scraped it out - it came out in a long strand - it was obviously the culprit. I pulled him back upright gently but he still couldn't breathe, he was very tense and was starting to close his eyes and go limp.

That's when I panicked. I picked him up again, turned him practically upside down, pounded on him and started screaming for help. I was shouting, 'He's choking. Someone help me.' I was seriously freaking thinking he was going to choke to death right there at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre. Thankfully, a nurse was at the party. She works at a Daycare center. She came over, picked him up, pounded on him good and hard (much harder than I was). And he squealed. As soon as I heard him cry I nearly fainted on the spot. His throat was cleared. He could breathe.

He curled up for a good cry and I hugged him as close as I could. If I hadn't been in public I would have cried hysterically and headed for the liquor cabinet. Instead, I sat down and held my child, shaking so hard I could barely breathe myself.

I looked for Cate who watched the entire episode. She looked ashen. After X recovered and demanded to be put down I asked her if she was okay. She just nodded but I knew it had shaken her. I gave her a quick hug and then shakily ran after X who was acting like nothing happened. She wet her bed for the first time in months last night. Not only once - but twice. The poor thing. We've had a long chat and I'm hoping she's okay now.

Everyone was so nice, and concerned. I was a bit embarrassed for causing a ruckus and apologized for scaring the daylights out of half the restaurant. But I did what I had to do for my little man.

Every time I think of it I start to shake a little again. I was terrified right to my marrow. I couldn't bear the thought of losing either of my little chickens. Who would jump all over me as I do my morning yoga? Who would 'help' with dinner and chores? How would I spend my mornings if I didn't have my little guy to chase after and entertain. I know I'm supposed to put him in nursery soon. I'm definitely not ready. And after yesterday - he may be home schooled at this point.

Oh, and that's not all. After that harrowing experience, I walked 30 minutes home in the dark pushing both kids only to realize I forgot my keys, Fen was at work and couldn't leave the desk. I had to track down the nanny to get the spare set.

Yeah, I had a drink that night. And it was good.


  1. So thankful your baby is okay! That must have been so traumatizing. My baby is 24 and I still get that gut-wrenching, breathless feeling when I think of something happening to her. I'm sure everyone there went home and hugged their children a little tighter last night.

    P.S. I home-schooled. :)

  2. Omg! I was frightened and tense reading this.

    I don't have children yet but if something like this happen to me I'd probably freak out too. More than what I've freaked out on other situations.

    Thank God he's ok.

  3. Jeez, I was shaking just reading about that. Every parent's nightmare. It happened to me when my youngest was about two; I literally held him upside down and thumped his chest. My older two (then 9 and 12) just sat there speechless, watching me panic. Not a good memory.
    So glad everyone is OK.

  4. So sorry to hear about your troubles. Neither of my kids have ever choked, but I have had the serious breathing issues in both cases that landed us in the hospital. Terrifying. Pour yourself another stiff one tonight.

    Delia Lloyd

  5. Oh no! I had a massive scare too with my brother's dog. I jumped all over it when he put my son into a headlock with his jaw. It was absolutely terrifying. I am so happy that you and Xavier are okay, and now that we have all been there and I kinda laughed at the key part (not to be mean) but I've had those days were absolutely nothing goes right. Sending you lots of love from the US! xo

  6. Children choke most often at birthday parties. The culprits are balloons...and hot dogs/sausages.

    As a preemptive measure it might be worth contacting restaurants/moms ahead of time to let them know to cut sausages lengthwise and each half lengthwise again for the little ones.

  7. Gosh how awful. Thank goodness he was okay. x

  8. Oh Erin how frightening. What a wonder you needed a drink xxx

  9. Tears in my eyes reading that! It reminds me of when my son was two and jumped into a paddling pool that had just been filled with cold water and the shock caused him to stop breathing and pass out. I had to perform CPR on my son in front of a toddler's pool party. It was AWFUL but it worked and he was fine in the end. I think I wet the bed twice that night though with tears.
    Good for you for acting so quickly but go take that first aid course, it will make you feel better.


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