Monday, December 12, 2011

Two days...

We get on a plane and head home in two days. I cannot wait. I'm under the weather, exhausted and ready to just sit on a beach (well, probably by the pool overlooking the beach as I'm not fond of sand) and relax.

The photo above is of Blue Lagoon Island just off Nassau, Bahamas. This is where I'll head by boat almost every day to just sit, swim, explore and snooze. I cannot wait. The kids are still a little young for the dolphins and sea lions but we'll take them over to see them. This is in case you're interested. It's my favourite place on earth (other than the porch at our lake house).

Two days, two days. Hopefully this cold I can't seem to shake will be gone and I'll be ready to enjoy the heat. If not, I'll manage to suffer through...somehow.


  1. Looks grand! Have a nice trip.

  2. Oooooh! Love it :) Have a wonderful time xx

  3. That looks so nice! I am jealous to the core. I found your blog via Expat in London.
    I am moving to London in March. I need tips from those expats like you on what I must have and what to leave home. Any other suggestions/tips are welcome as well. Thanks


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