Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heavy Load!

I am famous. Well, not really, but here's a fun tale. Last year George Michaels ran into the Snappy Snaps on the Hampstead High Street, smashing the wall. Some prankster wrote Wham! on the wall and I took a photo to post on my blog - see it here.

A few months ago, a member of the punk band Heavy Load contacted me. They wanted to use the image on the cover of their George Michael tribute album titled Wham!  Of course I said yes and there is the cover album above. I have photo credit on the back. Hilarious.

I'm not much of a punk fan, don't really know it, but I listened to the album and I actually really like it. The song titles were intriguing: 'Everything is Bollocks', 'Julie's Beard', 'That's Not My Name', 'Shut it' and 'Sexy Films' to name a few. Fen and I listened to it and I've downloaded a few onto my iPod. This may not seem like a big deal to you but anyone who knows me will know how limited my iPod selection is (I'm a picker bugger) so that's a HUGE compliment to Heavy Load.

Here's a little about the band. And you can buy the album here! Have a listen - you may like it!

Heavyload are Brighton's answer to The Ramones. A punk outfit subject to the combustible flux of ego, ambition, fantasy, expectation and desire that fuels any emerging band. But they’re also uniquely, made up of musicians with and without learning disabilities.

Over the last 14 years they have managed to survive through their combination of raucous energy, attitude and sheer volume but now they are about to hit the big time with a feature length documentary (Heavy Load) being made about their journey from social care to stardom, and back again, and their mission to demonstrate that disability rocks. There are few genres left in music that have yet to be defined. Heavyload have unwittingly created a brand new one.


  1. Too funny! Pays to have a camera on hand at all times. Happy snapping.

  2. Wow - get you. I think you should've held out for royalties though! ;-)

  3. That's brilliant! What a claim to fame!

  4. It's a great photo, and makes a perfect album cover - thanks a million!
    Heavy Load's album launch is this Saturday 26th Nov at The Green Door, Brighton, with support from Sparrow and The Fish Police... don't miss it folks!!


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