Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A day in the life...

Yesterday, I crawled over the finish line. It was a long, exhausting day. Here's what I did:

6:45am: Woke to the sound of X screaming, 'Mommy!' over and over until I got up.
7:00am: Fed kids (well, watched Fen feed kids as I attempted to check work email and gulp coffee)
7:30am: Showered and dressed
8:00am: Dressed kids, braided hair, found library book, emptied contraband (Barbies and lip gloss) from school bag, found pacifier and favourite blankie for X.
8:20am: Strapped X in buggy, dashed out door for trek up hill to school in rain. (cheated and took taxi)
9:00am: Dropped off Cate, headed for meeting. Met a friend and walked over pulling down several signs from our holiday marketplace which was held last week.
9:30am: Meeting of my women's club. Sat down for over an hour. Ahhh. And won a raffle prize!
12noon: Dashed home to make lunch for my men.
12:30pm: Put X down for a nap. Spoke briefly with husband.
12:45pm: Dashed out the door in the rain to find: 1. shoebox to use as a diorama, 2. stuff to put in said diorama
1:30pm: In shoe shop sweet talking saleslady into giving me two large shoeboxes when I didn't buy anything.
2:00pm: In pound shop cruising aisles looking for Christmas themed things for  &%$*! diorama
2:20pm: in and out of several stores looking for more ideas/stuff/inspiration/help. Stopped in Sainsburys for a quick shop for dinner and milk
3:00pm: Back home and tucked into my office to work.
3:10pm: Made coffee
3:15-5:15pm: Answered all emails, created pitch letter, made 17 calls to pitch projects, sent 17 emails to send project out, updated list, read a bunch of emails, responded to them. Called friend in NY to shoot the breeze for 5 minutes.
5:15pm: made dinner: a quick and easy broccoli, mushroom, walnut pasta dish, salad and chicken nuggets for the kids.
6:00pm dinner. Watched Fen and X pick walnuts out of dinner.
6:30pm: clean up
7:00pm: ran bath. Fen bathed kids
7:20pm: storytime, prayers, bed for Cate and X. Lots of kisses.
7:31pm: back to work. 10 more pitch calls, 10 more emails to send project (cheated and made 4 calls during bathtime). Called mom and dad to say hello.
8:30pm: In kitchen creating diorama base for Cate's class. Due on Wednesday. Fen and I argued but worked furiously for an hour to create... something. Decided to finish anon.
9:30pm: Back at work for conference call.
10:00pm: Came out to watch TV with Fen. Made dinner menu for next two weeks and shopping list. Created Christmas list, invite list to X's second birthday, decided on what to do for birthday and gift list.
10:30: Called it a night, brushed teeth, washed face.
10:45: Checked email one last time. Made quick call to colleague. Made to-do list for work the next day.
11:00pm. Lights out.

This is a typical day for me. The difference here is that there were no play dates involved. I usually have at least one for X but Monday's are Fen's days off so he gets to play with daddy. And I didn't get to exercise (well, I walked over 12 miles - according to my pedometer). Ah well, maybe I need to get up earlier.

See that cartoon above? That is not me. I'm not that thin or serene. I case you were wondering!

And as a little addendum: finished the diorama today with Cate's help (or hinderance, however you want to look at it) only to realize it's due next week. Bloody hell!


  1. After all that I only have one question.

    What is a diorama?

  2. As the tired (pun intended)cliche goes, no rest for the weary.

  3. You are brave to put your day in print. But how would we be good mothers if our days weren't like that. i hope you sleep well.

  4. I think you need a drink. Seriously. I'd need 4 Nannies for a day like yours. :-)


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