Monday, October 10, 2011

My school girl

Today is Cate's first full day at school. She's been going parttime for three weeks but today is the first full day. I miss her. I'm  sick with a rotten cold, surrounded by a house filled with laundry to be folded, beds to be made, toys to pick up, dishes to clean and work to be done. I don't feel like doing anything but curling up on the sofa and flipping through old photos of Cate as a baby.

She's 4 years and 4 months old and just a darling little girl. She's a hoot too - already the queen of the one liners. I really enjoy her company, when she's behaving, and I'm missing her a lot today. She's such a sweet girl, and thoughtful, always picking me flowers and telling me she loves me. Yesteray I made her silver dollar pancakes which she gobbled up. As I was doing the dishes I heard her say, 'You are so perfect.' I smiled and said, 'Thank you, honeybun.' To which she replied, 'Not you. I'm talking to my dolly.' Ah, well, there you have it. I think she felt a little guilty. Even though I howled laughing. Five minutes later she said, 'You know I love you, right?' And we hugged. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

She's enjoying school. She has homework, which is quite trying to get through. Her attention span is five minutes long. Just to do simple letters takes coaxing and encouragement. half the time I want to bang my  head on the desk because she's fidgeting and getting out of her seat. I try to make a game of it, but she still wiggles and tries to get out of it. Regardless, her reading is coming along nicely. She's able to read words like: mum, dad, and, cat, dog, bat, sat, etc. She's really coming along. Very curious about the world and asks what signs say. If the sign is simple I have her sound it out. She loves discovering what the words say. And she loves her books.

We went to a birthday party this past weekend where there was a book swap. We bought one of the Maisy books and she declared she wanted to keep it. I explained that we'd take it to the party and she could get another book instead. All the books were wrapped so she picked a bright pink one (of course). It was the book Kick. The boys were all fascinated with her book. When her buddy Zen noticed her book he asked to swap. At first she said no, clearly tuning into the fact that she had what everyone wanted. But once she realized Zen had her Maisy book she relented. So she got to take her book home afterall! She's a wheeler dealer!

Our Halloween parade is coming up this weekend and she wants to be a garden fairy. We have the wings, the wand, the dress, the flower wreath for her hair, glitter and sparkly shoes. We're all set. The most important thing - the glitter. Her brother is going as a devil - very, very fitting for he is the personfication of mischief.

My kids are my joy. I love them both so much. They are a handful but they are worth it. Just thought I'd share. Now I better go and clean this pigsty...


  1. What a lovely girl she is! I'm astounded at how grown up she is in this photo!

  2. Loving the little tights and shoes. Very sweet!

  3. They grow up so fast...make the most of these precious times xx

  4. This is just too cute! she looks so grown up. And I am not there yet with with Little m but we have small conversations and they just make my day! Especially when he says "te quiero" (I love you) and hugs me with out prompting. Ahhh, so sweet.


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