Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Me, the bitch!

Slowly, I've been making friends with the mum's at Cate's new school. What a difference this school is from the last one. Cate is much happier, has a much bigger group of friends and I'm delighted to be meeting so many new people - and I like all of them.

Imagine my surprise when one of the mums, Nina, who I've become quite chummy with in the last month, said to me, 'It's so funny, I thought you were such a bitch when I first met you. But now I realize you're really nice.' I was stunned. Me. A. Bitch! My husband laughed for a good long time when I told him that one.

Nina and I met a year ago at ballet (not for us - for our daughters). We've seen each other once a week and always had pleasant conversations - at least that's what I thought. I sat on one side of the waiting room with a group of mum's and Nina sat on the other side with other mums. When we realized the kids were going to be in the same class, I was glad Cate would have a familiar face at school.

But apparently, Nina tried to engage me in conversation a few times and said I brushed her off. Really? I'm not rude by nature so I was surprised. If X is with me, I can't carry on a coversation with anyone. He is  full-on energy and I have to run after him constantly. I'm guessing he may have been with me at ballet those few times.

We've been meeting in the school yard now for five weeks and I've made an effort to talk to as many mums as possible, just to say hello, etc. But I wonder if others are perceiving me as a snob, or bitch, or whatever. I try to be friendly, but  then I know a lot of people just brush me off as being the loud American (I'm not that loud, I think).

So today I took note as to who made eye contact, who said hello first, etc.Everyone seemed fine. So I'm not going to be paranoid.

And you'll be amused to know that I attended the first PTA meeting today where they tried to recruite me to run it. I said no. And then X had a complete meltdown and I had to leave early before they even had a chance to pick class reps. So I have officially signed up for nothing.


  1. Ha ha. I get the same but reverse here (USA). Because I'm English, some people think I'm proper or reserved, and I am SO not!

  2. When I was in San Francisco a New Yorker told me I was cold. I replied,

    "jet lagged, old boy, jet lagged."

    Sometimes, everyone has a stereotype in their head and fit the person to suit.


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