Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lucky breaks...and kind people

This weekend was a rare weekend of lucky breaks and people being kind for no reason. It started on Saturday morning. I've been battling a cold and my asthma has flared up making it difficult to walk up hill (and in Hampstead everything is up hill - both ways!). As the kids and I headed up the hill to the Hampstead High Street for my club's annual Halloween parade, I had a coughing fit and pulled out my inhaler.

As I took a puff a taxi pulled up along side and asked if I was going to the high street. I told him yes, but explained I had no cash on me. He insisted I hop in - he'd drive me up there. 'You look like you need a break,' he explained. I did. I was so grateful! I was running late - it's hard to get two small children dressed in fancy dress and draw on their faces, etc. by yourself. Fen is still travelling so I'm on my own. I was having an asthma attack and knew the hill was going to zap all my energy so I was really relieved to have a ride up the hill, without asking, from a nice taxi driver who wanted to be kind.

We got to the parade where I met my nanny, who was there to help me take the kids around the parade so I wouldn't be pulled in two directions and frantic. As we walked the parade, X reached out at the fruit stand (see photo above) and helped himself to an apple. I took it from him and put it back, but he swiftly turned around, grabbed another and took a bite! I went to pay the merchant, but he insisted X just have it. I was mortified!

We had  lovely time at the parade and then again at the movie which followed - I crashed on another family, who were very gracious at me sitting in with them.

Later that day we were invited to another friend's house for dinner. X was in a rare mood, he ate his dinner, then half of Cate's and then half of the other little girl's. Immediately after that he broke a bowl, by flinging it on the ground and then attempted to climb under the bed to grab a cat or two. We left in a hurry!

I decided to take the bus home as I'd had enough. The bus pulled up but the machine wasn't working so the driver wasn't letting on passengers. But he saw me, saw the bus ahead of him was full of buggies and wouldn't take me, so he let me on. I couldn't pay, but he said it was all right.

That's two drivers in the same day who let me ride for free, which was really, really sweet of both of them. I must have looked a wreck yesterday, but I didn't feel it. Judge for yourself. Whatever the case, I feel very fortunate for the kindness of strangers - the two drivers and the apple merchant. They made my day. Heck, they made my week!


  1. It is good to see that X likes his fruit. It could also have been much worse - the only thing I've ever stolen was a pack of Imps (which were extremely strong cough sweets back in the day - very hot) whilst sat in a pushchair. I can still remember the distress from the heat!

    You all look very beautiful!

  2. It pays to have good karma. You are a good mother to have done so much with your children all in one day.

  3. Good story. Glad there are good people out there still and it can't be long before you get your lovely hubby back. (Must be chuffed with the result!)

    You have survived well oh strong one.


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