Friday, October 28, 2011

54 looong, solitary nights

Fen playing rugby.
Fen is back....after being away for 54 days. He was in New Zealand covering the Rugby World Cup (New Zealand All Black's won!). I can't tell you how nice it is to have him back in town.

X wasn't so impressed with his return. Fen walked in and X just waved and turned away. Fen stepped back into the hall to collect his luggage and X waved and said, "Bye bye." We thought it was pretty funny. But being nearly two I wasn't expecting him to welcome daddy home after a two month absence. He did recognize him though. He's good now, thinks daddy is rather fun to have around.

Cate, on the other hand, was delighted. We picked her up from her half-term play club and she ran to Fen joyfully and jumped up into his arms. I am a second class citizen to her now: a drink fetcher and snack producer. Fine with me. I can use the break.

My heart goes out to single parents. It's HARD. I didn't have a second to myself. The kids were extra clingy, especially X. I didn't sleep much and couldn't sleep in at all, ever. Everything I did I had to have kids with me if I didn't have a sitter. Going to bed alone every night was the real problem. I hated it. Granted Fen snores, tosses, turns, talks in his sleep but I got used to it. I slept like a baby last night - deep, unmoving, dreamless. Heaven.

So my little family is all together again, the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup and life is good. Hooray!


  1. 54 days?! Wow. You are a saint. My husband is away for five, and I'm already exhausted....

  2. Go the ABs
    Life's tough on your own, but at least in sunny New Zealand we can get 24 hours of the Rugby Channel.


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