Friday, September 16, 2011

My little chatterbox

Mr Cool
X is turning two in two months. Where did the time go? He's starting to talk up a storm. Just this morning he smiled up at me as I handed him a banana and said as clear as a bell: Tank You. My heart melted. He's a polite little fella.

Yesterday, at our playgroup a friend showed up with her 3 1/2 month old daughter. X was just a little younger than her when we moved here. I couldn't believe how small she was. How on earth did we do it? I can't even wrap my head around having something so dainty and small, yet we moved three times with an infant (I won't go into it, I can't think about it anymore).

Now he's a big strong man. Climbing out of his cot, running around like a mad man. I just had to pick him up off the kitchen table, and five minutes ago he climbed up to reach my wine glasses and was clanging them together in a big self 'cheers'. Yikes. I'll have to find a higher shelf for them now.

He's a good kid. Sweet personality, loves to dance, loves to snuggle, run, play, climb. After much effort on my part, he and Cate are getting along much better. Thank heavens.

My little man is turning out to be a really good kid. Where, oh, where did my baby go?


  1. He's yummy. Not a baby anymore, very gorgeous ...... to take your mind off him growing so fast, why don't I send you 4 of my baby roosters!!!!!!

    (I'm going bonkers here)



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