Monday, September 26, 2011

Love London Book Giveaway

Anova books sent over a copy of Love London by Barbara Chandler and I was so, so excited to receive it.  As many of you know - I've always been intrigued with London and since we moved here I've photographed my neighbourhood trying to give everyone a feel for my 'hood. I'm going to start doing that again this week. I've been snapping photos.... stay tuned.

Barbara Chandler is an amazing photographer who has worked as a journalist all over UK, Poland, Italy, France Russia, Turkey, Finland and more. She lives here in London and considers it her first love. She's a granny with a camera in her purse and has been photographing the city for over 25 years. Her beautiful photographs of London are featured in this incredible book: Love London.

The photos span the 25 years but most are taken in the last year just for this collection. They are featured throughout the book which is also sprinkled with  quotes from poems, novels, plays, diaries, blogs and more of London's very famous and infamous literary heritage. She quotes from Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens, to modern blogs and newspapers. The quotes just add a certain charm to the photos - it makes it uniquely British and deliciously London.

Many of the sights are familiar to most, and some are just unique to London and known to few (until now). I've cruised through this book several times and will continue to for a long time. I've already added a few post-it notes to remind myself to go and see a few of her sights. I reminded me why I wanted to live in this great city and why I, and millions of others, are so infatuated.

Needless to say, I love this book. So much, I want to share with you. Anova Books has agreed to give away two copies to two lucky readers in conjunction with my two year blogiversary! This Thursday is my two year anniversary writing 'Cross The Pond. Where has the time gone?

If you'd like to receive a copy of this wonderful little book - (it's small enough to slip into a bag and perfect for a gift to any London lover and only £9.99) just follow me, if you don't already, and leave a comment here stating what you love most about London.

For extra credit, please twitter and let me know here. I'm @xcrossthepond

This is a wonderful prize for two of my readers and I'm delighted to be able to present it to you. The competition will end at noon on Tuesday, October 4th and a winner will be announced on Wednesday, october 5th. Good luck!


  1. This sounds great, Erin. What I love most about London are all the free and/or affordable cultural experiences. I'm particularly fond of The Ceremony of the Keys, where you watch the Tower Chief lock up the Tower of London around 10 pm every Saturday night. I also love the BBC proms - world class concerts at the Royal Albert Hall which you can attend for a fiver if you're willing to queue on the day and stand during the performance. Both are musts for anyone who lives here!

    Delia Lloyd

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with London, my birth city. I crave to be there for special events like the Marathon, Royal Weddings, The Olympics (got tickets for the rowing next yr) and most special of all, the Christmas lights in Oxford Street... but pretty soon my infatuation turns to irritation as I feel hemmed in with too many people. That's when I run home to my chickens...

    I would love the book though, maybe this will suffice when I'm too wrapped up in Shropshire life, unable to get my 'City fix.'

  3. I love London as so much of my history is tied up in it. My ancestors, and parents, are from London. As a child, we would often visit London, either to see the sights, visit family, or go and visit my dad at his office! We take Toby there now - often we visit on a Sunday. We might go sightseeing, or visit places special to me, like where my mum grew up and where we spent many happy times when I was a kid. I love London so much, I focussed my Art History dissertation around how it's social history was represented by Walter Sickert.

  4. I love the surprising beauty you find unexpectedly in pockets of London, like the gorgeous little church on Ironmonger Lane in the middle of the City or the cobblestone alleyways in Hampstead... there's so much to savour away from the beaten path!

  5. Being a die hard Anglophile, I would just love to be there once.

  6. London has been our home for 6 years. I began my PR career here, but more importantly I became a mum here..that is why I love London so much. And now we are moving again. It's sad but it's time to be closer to our families. But London will always be a part of me.
    Have tweeted too x

  7. What I love most about London is how there's something of great interest around every corner. I could walk and gawk all day long.

    Thanks for the contest!

  8. Happy blogoversary!
    I'm a Londoner and I never get bored of living here, there is always somewhere to explore.

  9. I love the grandness of London, the old buildings, the oppulence of some of the shops and people

  10. Following your blog via GFC. Although more of a small townie girl, I love London for its vibrancy. I love the busy streets. the abundance of cultural events, the variety of restaurants etc. I could easily live in the city.

  11. I have just had a little weekend in London, for my 40th birthday, I love visiting there, don't get to often enough. My favourite thing is the diversity of everything, whether it be the people, the architecture or the shopping and the food, I just love it!
    I will tweet too now :0) @gidders1


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