Monday, September 5, 2011

Countdown begins

Cate starts reception in exactly 2 weeks and 3 days. Not that I'm counting or anything. Fen will be traveling a lot this month so I'm on duty more often than usual.

Most kids are back to school this week, but because it's officially her first 'real' school they do staggered admission. I have a feeling Cate is one of the last to start. Which is a pity - she's ready to go back. She asks me daily if she's going to school the next day and replies, 'Awww. I want to go to school."

We've kept ourselves busy with playdates, art classes, library visits, parks, crafts (we're perfecting our paper mache skills) and visiting all kinds of museums, etc. She loves it, but I don't think it's enough for her. She's a very curious and bright child - she needs more. When we went shopping for her uniforms, she was so excited to have big girl school clothes. She wore one of the pinafores all afternoon, even wanted to sleep in it. The smallest sizes were too big so she's swimming in them. But, MAN, does she look adorable.

While I'm enjoying spending so much time with her, and X, it's a little exhausting, especially since I still work full time (meaning well into the night). I'm anxious for her to get into school so she'll be happy, I'll have a little time to myself and we can get into a nice routine again.

So for now, we continue our adventures. I've got to remember to take the camera with us on our many outings. I haven't even documented the new hood on this blog yet. I will. Once Cate is in school, and I have time.... ah, to dream.


  1. Kids are so ready for school when they reach a certain age. I'm sure you'll miss her, but you'll appreciate the 'free' time.

  2. My boy starts reception tomorrow.

    Exciting times but how quickly do they grow?


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