Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The USA = Too Sweet

The one distinct thing I noticed this trip back to the US is how sweet and artificial a lot of my favourite things tasted. I really love that here in England the food is more organic. Corn syrup/fructose, etc. is not used here at all so things are  not as sweet/sugary as they are in the US.

Two things I loved in the US were Schweppes ginger ale and Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips. I was even partial to Bud Light Lime. So we bought all of the above. The ginger ale was so sweet I couldn't drink it. The chips and beer tasted too artificial. We were some kind of disappointed.

But then I noticed how huge the fruit and vegetables were - all perfect, huge, brightly coloured, etc. You won't find that in England. Not all of the food here is organic, mind you, much of it is grown by corporations and manipulated by man. However, it just tastes better. I was hesitant to buy the veg and fruit at our regular groceries in NY and PA, instead I opted to buy at farmer's markets and organic instead. It was more expensive but worth it.

I'm not a huge health nut, by any means. I was just really surprised at the difference. It had been nearly a year since I was state-side so it all just kind of hit me - hard. I also couldn't believe how much more expensive everything was. You  have to be some kind of rich to feed a family of four well! England may be much more expensive in many ways, but not food.

Essentially, the point of this post is to say that I'm becoming much more aware of what we're eating. I want healthy kids who enjoy good food and I've been knocking myself out trying to create that for them  here. I think it will be a challenge when I get back to keep junk food and easy, prepared meals out of their diet. 

Right now their favourite treat is Swedish meatballs (I used to buy them, now I make them in bulk and freeze) and mac n' cheese that I make myself (the cheese here is to die for!). And we make our  own homemade pizzas (including crust) every Friday night. The kids and Fen have pineapple and ham. I mix it up a little.

If you're interested in any of the recipes let me know. I'm happy to share. Just leave a comment with your email or send me an email: jollyoldengland@gmail.com


  1. The problem with food in America is that if two or more people decide something is unhealthy they scream until the government makes a law regulating it.They can't grasp the concept of free will,or self control. My child is fat, I'm suing McDonalds. Oops sorry I got carried away.

  2. Every time I visit back home I am astounded at how sweet everything tastes. I guess I'm getting too used to good food.

  3. Especially the cakes you buy at the bakery. They are so super sweet and not fit for consumption.

  4. gotta get the Nanny to work on some pizza dough...seriously love that we know where our food is coming from over here!

  5. Well my children are your age and I always cooked from scratch. I noticed when my children were old enough to make their own choices they went for the junk food. Now that they know they can eat whatever they want they're back to wanting to eat healthy. I've never been a fan of soda. That stuff is really not good for you. My daughter lives in England too. I was kind of surprised how the people I know there don't eat healthy at all. They drink a lot more too. Oh well guess we're just human haha.

  6. Fructose is indeed used in many things in the U.K. You just have to read the labels...


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