Friday, August 26, 2011

Supermom - I don't have to be one! Whew!

 Two nights ago NBC Nightly News had a segment on the myth of the Supermom. It stated that while working moms will have better mental health, they are at risk of being more depressed that stay at home moms. It also stated it's okay to try and do it all, as long as your happy and balanced. But too many women try to do it all and just end up miserable. .

  While this might not be exciting to many, it was exciting to me. I've been doing WAY too much. I'm not miserable - but I'm stretched too thin. I've basically been burning the candle at both ends: working long hours, running the house, doing the cleaning, taking care of kids, traveling all over, attending my sister's funeral, worrying about the hurricane that ripped through the Bahamas (everyone is fine - one of the cars...not so much) and then bracing myself for my husbands very busy travel schedule for the next few months. Cate doesn't start school until late September (yikes) either. So I have to do it all.

I don't wanna. I need a break.So I'm giving myself one.

Here's my new thinking:

So what if the house isn't really unpacked. The pictures can go up later.
Do I really need to do laundry every single day? It's okay to send it out.
I'm taking Friday's off. No working. Not even email.
It's okay to read something that isn't work related.
No one is going to break in and steal our stuff or hold us hostage - go to sleep already.
Crayon markings on the wall/floor/rug/furniture can wait to be cleaned off
Sometimes mac n cheese with frozen chicken nuggets is okay two days in a row for dinner
Email can wait an hour or two - play with the kids
It's fine if I miss a business call during dinner
No working past 10pm.
I don't need to vacuum EVERY day
Shop for the groceries online and have them delivered. I don't need to venture out
I don't have to join the PTA if I don't want to. I have enough to do already
Water will evaporate - I dont' need to mop up rainwater the second it hits the floor
Throw pillows are over rated - I dont need them. And I can make the curtains next month
Bathroom renovation can wait until February
Drinking a glass of wine at night alone is okay. So is chocolate
If they kids go to bed late, without baths once in a while - it's OKAY.

Just how long do you think this will last?


  1. Good for you! I hope you do stick to it!

  2. OMG you vacuum and do laundry every day? Are you mad, girl?? I heartily endorse this plan especially Online grocery shopping. I only converted to this about a year and a half ago and it has changed my life. Godspeed.

    Delia Lloyd

    ps-take it from an old hand. once you join the PTA it is very hard to extricate yourself. forewarned is forearmed...

  3. Definitely stick to your list. I'm sure you'll think of more time saving ideas as you go along. Apply them all.

  4. Um, if you are the perfectionist I suspect, I give you three days. With alcohol.


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