Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A common cold, gadzooks, forsooth!

We're sick again - all of us, with a common cold (gadzooks, forsooth!) It was bound to happen, we've all been well for over four months. After being sick for the majority of the winter, we were on a healthy streak. But with the stress of the move and the ridiculous amount of rain (of which I've been walking through for hours at a time thanks to the extended school run) it was only a matter of time.

I blame X. He was the first one to show signs of being rundown. On Saturday his nose started and Sunday he wasn't hungry, he was bossy and extremely crabby. He only wanted to sit on me and snuggle. Which is wonderful, but not when that all he wants all day. Sunday, Fen and I both woke up with sore throats and faucets for noses. Fun.

X recovered beautifully by Monday. Cate was fine that morning, but at noon we received a call from her nursery - she was fast asleep and could we come fetch her, please? We were lost in the middle of Ikea in Wembly, so we dropped our stash off in a corner (sorry Ikea workers, duty called) and dashed out the door to pick up our sweet Cate. She was fast asleep on a little sofa in a corner of her nursery; she honestly looked like an angel.I scooped her up and took her to the car. She feebly said, 'I don't feel well, mommy.! Lawdy - break your heart, it could.

Both kids slept for two hours when we got home. Cate  had a mild allergic reaction to something and her eyes puffed up. I gave her Benadryl which helped. Not surprisingly, both were lackluster and took up residence in two moving boxes (see above) However, Fen and I were dragging ourselves around, clutching tissues and sniffling, still. Something isn't right with this picture!

Cate was home yesterday and she slept alot in the morning but had a miraculous recovery by 2pm and was bouncing off the walls. She's back at school today - thank heavens! We're all back in the pink, for the most part as well. Hooray.

(PS, that is a quote from an Ogden Nash poem about the common cold that I remember from Uni. It was so vivid I never forgot it and always think of it when I'm in the clutches of the common cold)


  1. The common cold can be a miserable thing to suffer from. I'm glad you're all feeling better. Isn't it funny how all little kids like boxes so much? :o)

  2. Oh couldn't they have gotten a Fancy Cold? That would have been so much better! Hope everyone is on the mend soon. x


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