Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another appliance bites the dust

I had an old CD boombox that I placed in the kids room to play kiddie CD's (gotta love that Raffi). It was the only thing we had that could play CD's.

Fen took the player out of the bedroom and plugged it into the wall (I used batteries) and blew it up. Damn. Now we have no way to play CD's. good thing we have iPods (and an iPod station that is correctly plugged in)

I'm putting this on the list of 100 things we need for the new flat. This list also includes: new French Press (Fen dropped mine by accident), microwave oven (good thing we donated the one we bought last year for the first flat and then had to get rid of because the second flat came with one built in), a broom (the movers took off with ours) and a new Swiffer (which I plan to buy at Target when we're in the US). Those are the most crucial items.

I think that I will have this place up to where I want it just in time for us to move out. ah well.


  1. It just never ends, does it?

  2. This post made me laugh, I feel thse same way about my house. Just as I am getting it the way I want it, my husband informed me that we need to start thinking about our next move!

    I was sorry to read the post about your sister. I am sure that although it will be heartbreaking your sister will be so greatful to have you there. My prayers are with you and your sister.

  3. I've just got to get myself a "Swiffer." Whatever a "swiffer" may be!

  4. Good luck with all this, is takes so much out of you, doesn't it?


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