Friday, June 3, 2011

This is me - right now

I've been up since 4am and I cannot, cannot get back to sleep. I'm having one of those mornings... I have way too much on my mind.

We finally signed the lease yesterday and await the countersigned copy. So until that arrives I will not really be content that the flat is ours. I'm in an argument with a family member over our family property and it's really digging into me - so frustrating. I made a comment meant to be funny in an email yesterday and it was taken out of context by one of the recipients and it didn't help the sitch. The husband and I had a blow up over our move, which has been resolved but not until I had to email him and precisely map out my thoughts as I could not talk to him about it anymore, I can't find the right ingredients I need to make my daughter the birthday cake I want for her fourth birthday on Sunday, and last night I realized we left our $500 portable DVR in the rental car this weekend. I'm waiting for Avis to open so I can call and hope that it's still there (it's US, doesn't have an adapter and is basically useless to anyone else so I pray that they will have it).

On a bright note - I had an offer for a two book deal yesterday and one of the projects I've been just drooling over has finally been greenlit and I can now go forward with the proposal! I have four other projects out in the world, hoping they all sell well. Fingers crossed (I may have a new DVR to buy, afterall).

It's been half term here and I've been really enjoying having Cate at home. She's in a stage where she can be very challenging. She is quite sassy and can be down right rude when she's in a mood. But this week she's been a darling (not counting the weekend at Lou's where she was just awful a couple of times). She's off to school next week and I'm going to miss our Mommy/Cate projects while X naps. We've had quite the craft sessions around here. Most of her friends are away or busy so it's been a lot of mommy time for her, which is nice. She's been playing quite nicely with X too. Aren't they cute?

So we have two weeks until we move and I'm looking at all the junk we've managed to accumlate here in the Winnebago (my flat nickname). I'm pretending it doesn't exist - self preservation. But again, to silver line it: we'll finally be out of this flat. Now that's exciting. And maybe I'll actually sleep in the new place! Hope spring eternal.


  1. Ah we need a drinkie! I'm quite sure you'll weather this storm like all the others. x

  2. I'm so sorry you are having such a stressful time. Cate and X are so beautiful, they must light up your day however it's going! x

  3. Moving is so stressful...and it does cause rows and ill-feeling. It's just a passing phase though I'm sure, and once you move and settle in everything will be fine. Sending you hugs xxx

  4. I have a friend who moved to London....maybe you two can meet, she has 3 of her own...a bit older than yours. Congrats to on on your book deals and wishing you sweet dreams.

  5. Loads of things going on and as Im so fancy says, a good stiff G&T will ease it (slightly). How fab to move into a new flat though!


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