Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving Day

Our new digs. We got the keys yesterday - what a day! The place is considerably larger than where we are now - Cate and I did cartwheels in the lounge which was hilarious. I kept wondering where the children where because we're so used to being on top of one another when I couldn't hear them I would dash down the hallway looking in rooms for the two of them.

It's nice and sunny in there as well, which is really nice. Cate and I took a walk through the back garden - it's communal but it's in sections where different people have claimed a patch of grass or a patio and I plan to do the same. It's nice, not as nice as our current back yard but it'll do.

We walked in and of course there were problems right off the bat. There was no hot water, two radiators leaked onto carpet (I have visions of mould which we are trying to run away from), there was furniture from the last tenant, the bathroom tiles were NOT fixed, two burners didn't work and the oven was acting up, no curtains or blind (as promised) in the bedrooms and the curtains in the living room leave a lot to be desired.

But it wasn't enough to dampen our delight. Sure, the place isn't perfect, but we're going to make it work. I will make it as lovely as I can. I keep reminding myself that this is just temporary and our real home awaits us in the US once our European adventure is over.

We  had our new furniture delivered from Ikea and one thing is clear - I have no business putting furniture together. Fen did the heavy lifting and I just put together the dining chairs. I'll stick to packing and unpacking from now on!

The real packing is today. Another run to Ikea for curtains and blinds is necessary today as well. Tomorrow the movers come and then we're outta here.


  1. Congrats on the move! I'd love to come see but please don't ask me to do cartwheels. Although I'm quite talented with Ikea assembly. From my PreFancy days...

  2. Wishing you good luck in your new place xx

  3. Excellent news! Can't wait to visit. xx

  4. They do say moving is stressful so hang in there and enjoy!

  5. Best wishes in your new, albeit temporary, home!

  6. Oliver North is no longer " jolly" because he has told everything he knows ...


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