Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hurricane Cate

I left Cate alone in her room for fifteen minutes to talk to my mother. THIS is what she managed to do. It took us (read ME) nearly half an hour to clean up.

Just look at that face! The cheek. She was just about to climb onto the dresser to toss the stuffed animals on the ground. 

Her room is getting packed up tomorrow. Some toys will make it to the new flat and others may just not!


  1. Love the look she's giving you! Hard to be mad at a face like that. :)

  2. Littleboy 2 goes and trashes his room when he's angry about something. It's like living with some kind of demented rock band.

  3. Good work in that amount of time! Hilariously cute face. Gorgeous!

  4. I say that's some elbow grease! Now if you can only figure out how to better channel it...:-)

  5. It made me chuckle. That is so a look that says, "What? What have I done?"


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