Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ah to be four again...

Here is the birthday girl eating her pancakes made by Daddy on the morning of her fourth birthday. And what a birthday it was. On her actual birthday we went to the London Zoo where she was a little monkey:
And posed with the dung beetles:
And blew out the candles on her pink fairy birthday cake made by yours truly:
But the real fun was at her birthday party at Bake-a-Boo where she and her little friends had a lovely fairy tea party. Jasmin from Jazzy Faces painted their little fairy faces (she was AMAZING and did balloon characters - everyone got fairies or mermaids. Delightful). Bake-a-Boo was wonderful with their cupcake decorating and tea for little fairies - the kids loved it.
And they looked precious:
Ah... to be four again. Where everything is pink and glittery and wonderful. Happy birthday my little love.


  1. Happy Birthday to your little girl! I've now got a 4 year old...you are right to be 4 again would be fab!!

  2. I don't remember four being all pink and glittery? For me it was all grass stains and football!

    I am glad she had a great birthday. Smiles like that are infectious!

  3. Happy Birthday Cate! I want a pink and glittery party. Do they do middle aged themes? x

  4. Happy Birthday lovely Cate! x

  5. It's Fairy Land.... sooooo cute.

    Kisses to the Birthday girl. Would she like a real live baby rooster for her birthday? ..... Actually 4 real live baby roosters... because you're only 4 once y'know AND you wouldn't let her keep the slow worm!




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